The body language of sex, power, and aggression

Body language is just that, a language we all use and understand. But it is an unconscious language, and because of that it is a very honest language. While you can easily lie with words, it is a lot harder to lie with your body. The classic proof of this occurred on television some years back, and the entire nation saw it.

Former President Nixon held a press conference to reassure the nation that our incursion into Cambodia was temporary and would not escalate the war. His voice was smooth, his body movement projected sincerity, and the over-all impression was confidence.

Then one newsman began asking some pointed and probing questions about how long we intended to stay in Cambodia.

Again the President reacted smoothly, but an alert TV cameraman cut in for a tight shot of the President’s fist,clasped so rigidly that the knuckles were white.

He held that shot for the entire answer, and that one, tense body-language gesture projected rigidity and broadcast a complete contradiction to everything the President was saying.

This book is the result of those letters and that research.

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The body language of sex, power, and aggression by Julius FastĀ