The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development by Hopkins

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development by BRIAN HOPKINS 

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development is an authoritative, accessible and up-to-date account of all aspects of child development. Written by an international team of leading experts, it adopts an multidisciplinary approach and covers everything from prenatal development to education, pediatrics, neuroscience, theories, and research methods to physical development, social development, cognitive development, psychopathology, and parenting.

It also looks at cultural issues, sex differences, and the history of child development. The combination of comprehensive coverage, clear, jargon-free style, and user-friendly format will ensure this book is essential reading for students, researchers, health-care professionals, social workers, education professionals, parents, and anyone interested in the welfare of children.


  1.  What is development and interdisciplinarity?
  2. Theories of development
  3. Methods in child development research
  4. Prenatal development and the newborn
  5. Domains of development: from infancy to childhood
  6. Selected topics
  7. Developmental pathology
  8. Crossing the borders

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 687
Size: 10 mb

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