The Cambridge Handbook of Sociocultural Psychology by Alberto Rosa


Part I Theoretical and Methodological Issues

1 The Human Psyche Lives in Semiospheres /ALBERTO ROSA AND JAAN VALSINER

2 Cultural Psychology as the Science of Sensemaking: A Semiotic-cultural Framework for Psychology / SERGIO SALVATORE

3 Knowledge and Experience: Interobjectivity, Subjectivity, and Social Relations /GORDON SAMMUT, MARTIN W. BAUER, AND SANDRA JOVCHELOVITCH

4 “Mediationism” in Cognitive and Social Theory/ ALAN COSTALL

5 Sociocultural Psychology and Interpersonal Psychoanalysis: The Semiotic Space in the Consulting Room / PHILIP J. ROSENBAUM

Part II Action, Objects, Artifacts, and Meaning

6 Spirited Psyche Creates Artifacts: Semiotic Dynamics of Experience in the Shaping of Objects, Agency, and Intentional Worlds / ALBERTO ROSA

7 Making Social Objects: The Theory of Social Representation / WOLFGANG WAGNliR, KATRIN KELLO, AND ANDU RAMMER

8 Beyond the Distinction between Tool and Sign: Objects and Artifacts in Human Activity / REIJO MIETTINBN AND SAMI PAAVOLA

9 The Sociocultural Study of Creative Action / VLAD PETRH GLAVEANU

10 Symbolic Resources and Imagination in the Dynamics of Life / TANIA ZITTOUN

Part III The Agent Rises a Reflective Self: Education and Development

11 Early Infancy – a Moving World: Embodied Experience and the Emergence of Thinking / SILVIA ESPANOL

12 Object Pragmatics: Culture and Communication – the Bases for Early Cognitive Development / CINTIA RODRIGUEZ, MARI SOL BASILIO, KARINA CARDENAS,

13 Distinguishing Two Processes of Self-reflection / ALEX GILLESPIE

14 Making Memory: Meaning in Development of the Autobiographical Self / KATHERINE NELSON

15 Mapping Dialogic Pedagogy: Instrumental and Non-instrumental Education /EUGENE MATUSOV

16 Development and Education as Crossing Sociocultural Boundaries/ GIUSEPPINA MARSICO

Part IV Institutional Artifacts for Value

17 Ownership and Exchange in Children: Implications for Social and Moral Development / GUSTAVO FA I GEN BAUM

18 Possessions and Money beyond Market Economy/ TOSH I YA YAMAMOTO AND NOBORU TAKAHASHI

Part V Aesthetic and Religious Experiences

19 The Sociocultural Constitution of Aesthetic Transcendence/ MARK FREEMAN

20 Sociocultural Science of Religion and Natural Belief/ JAMES CRESSWELL

21 Psyche and Religio Face to Face: Religion, Psychology, and Modern Subjectivity in the Mirror / LUIS MARTINEZ GUERRERO

Part VI Practices and Artifacts for Imagining Identity

22 Imaginative Processes and the Making of Collective Realities in National Allegories/ LUCA TATEO

23 National Identities in the Making and Alternative Pathways of History Education/ MARIO CARRETERO, FLOOR VAN ALPHEN, AND CRISTIAN PARELLADA

24 The Politics of Representing the Past: Symbolic Spaces of Positioning and Irony/ BRADY WAGONER, SARAH H. AWAD, AND IGNACIO BRESCO DE LUNA

25 Beyond Historical Guilt: Intergenerational Narratives of Violence and Reconciliation/ GIOVANNA LEONE

26 Psytizenship: Sociocultural Mediations in the Historical Shaping of the Western Citizen /JORGE CASTRO-TEJERINA AND JOSE CARLOS LOREDO-NARCIANDI

Part VII Experiences Make the Person

27 The Human Experience: A Dialogical Account of Self and Feelings/ J О A O SALGADO AND CARLA CUNHA

28 Knowing Ourselves: Dances of Social Guidance, Imagination, and Development by Overcoming Ambivalence / SF.TII SURGAN, AURORA PFFFFFRKORN, AND FMILY ABBEY

29 Personal History and Historical Selfhood: The Embodied and Pre-reflective Dimension/ ALLAN K0STFR AND DITTE ALEXANDRA WINTHER-LINDQVIST

30 The Development of a Person: Children’s Experience of Being and Becoming within the Cultural Life Course/ PFRNILLE HVIID AND JAKOB WAAG

31 The Construction of the Person in the Interethnic Situation: Dialogues with Indigenous University Students / DANILO SILVA GUIMARAFS AND MARILIA ANTUNFS BFNFDITO

32 Social Identities, Gender, and Self: Cultural Canalization in Imagery Societies/ ANA FLAVIA DO AMARAL MADURFIRA

33 The Experience of Aging: Views from Without and Within/ DIETER EERRING

General Conclusion

34 An Epistemological Coda: Sociocultural Psychology among the Sciences/ ALBERTO ROSA AND JAAN VALSINER

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