The Complete Book of Questions by Garry Poole

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.
—James Thurber

The Power of Questions

Questions are great conversation starters. It seems everyone has a story to tell or an opinion to share. And to get it, you need only to ask. Good questions invite people to open up about themselves and divulge their thoughts and feelings on a wide variety of topics.

They’re the secret behind getting acquainted with someone you have recendy met or learning something completely new about someone you’ve known for years. If you learn to pose the right questions, you’ll gain a better understanding of who your friends are and what makes them tick.

Don’t you appreciate it when someone asks you sincere questions? It conveys an interest in your opinions and insights. It demonstrates a desire to know who you are and what you really think. And that means a lot.

There is something powerful about questions that force you to think, look within yourself, examine your heart, and search for answers. And it’s in the process of responding to those questions that you often make discoveries about yourself—things you never even realized before.

Questions also function remarkably well in the context of discussion groups. They draw group participants into the dialogue—less outspoken individuals are coaxed out of their shells and more talkative types are reigned in to focus on the issue at hand.

Asking great questions in a group setting is the quickest and easiest way to spark stimulating discussions.

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The Complete Book Of Questions :  1001 conversation starters for any situation  by GARRY POOLE (PDF)