The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Verbal Self-Defense


1: Identifying the Verbally Venomous Opponent
Observe the person from head to toe in a way you never have before. Listen between the lines to what they are really saying through their facial and body language and the sound of their voice.

2: Knowing When You’ve Been Verbally Zapped
Translate what is meant by seemingly innocent statements that are really verbal barbs. Take the quiz to see if you’ve been exposed to verbal abuse.

3: Verbal Abusers Are Losers
Find out the inner workings of different types of verbal abusers, categorized according to the severity of their abusive behavior.

4: Verbal Murder—How and Why?
Learn some of the conscious and unconscious reasons for and the consequences of being verbally murdered.

5: Analyzing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Learn ways to objectively examine how you come across to others— everything from the way you walk to the way you talk.

6: Gaining the Physical Edge
Learn techniques for enhancing your image. These will create a more powerful perception of you in others and instill more self-confidence in you.

7: Gaining the Verbal Advantage
How you sound when you speak cannot be overlooked if you want to win the verbal war. Learn strategies for enhancing the way you speak.

8: Communication Skill Defense
Just as it is important to sound good in verbal warfare, it is important to
say the right thing. Learn the basics of communication that will make others more receptive towards you.

9: Confident Conversation
Learn to develop the charisma to attract people, keep them interested, and interact with them in the future.

10: Verbal Defense Strategies
Memorize the verbal self-defense strategies so you can easily call upon a particular strategy in any circumstance. If one doesn’t work, you have numerous others from which to choose.

11: Letting Them Know They’ve Overstepped Their Verbal Boundaries
Now there is no excuse for being victimized or traumatized by an opponent who intrudes on your territory. You have a bag full of strategies to ward them off.

12: When More Powerful Weaponry Is Needed
You can accomplish more with your mouth than with your fists. It’s okay to get angry, but the consequences of physical violence are too high.

13: Enough Is Enough! Knowing When to Retreat
Learn how to quickly determine when the verbal battle is finally over. Whether you won or lost, you still need to recoup and regroup. This chapter shows you how to do both.

14: Gaining the Winning Verbal Edge Between the Sexes
Learn the basics of male andfemale communication. This will help you
avoid many common pitfalls responsible for verbal warfare between

15: Blood Is Not Always Thicker Than Water!
Learn how to converse with various family members to understand their perspectives; if they’re just too toxic, learn to get out and save yourself

16: Verbal Warfare with Specific People in Your Life
Master the words to use for specific kinds of abusers, so that you will never again be a victim.

17: Verbal Combat Against Annoying Verbal Abusers
The 13 types of annoying vermin won’t hurt you, just drive you insane. Here are remedies for them.

18: Verbal Combat Against Painful Verbal Abusers
These eight types of disgusting and obnoxious verbal vermin can literally make you sick. Learn to combat them so that you won’t vomit.

19: Verbal Combat Against Dangerous Verbal Abusers
These 11 types of dangerous verbal vermin can inflict emotional, mental, and physical harm upon you. Here are strategies available to help you protect yourself

20: Verbal Defense over the Telephone
Learn what to say over the telephone to rude and unhelpful people, pests, and those who have bad telephone habits.

21: Verbal Self-Defense in Sticky Situations
What to say in real-life situations nobody talks about. Topics range from telling someone they have body odor to getting a cheapskate to cough up the money for a bill.

22: Verbal Self-Defense in More Difficult Situations
How to deal with situations that are even more difficult, because they involve people such as those who are dying or grieving over someone else’s death, and those who lie.

23: Verbal Self-Defense Can Save Your Life!
How to thwart a potential criminal act by knowing what to say and how to say it. You will also learn how to broach the subject of safe sex.

24: Verbally Defending YOU Against YOU!
What you say about yourself says it all! People who speak well about themselves encourage others to do the same. Be discriminating about what you say about yourself and others.

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