The Curtain by Milan Kundera

The Curtain: an essay in seven parts by Milan Kundera pdfThe Curtain: an essay in seven parts by Milan Kundera pdf

Milan Kundera is one of the greatest novelists of our time again immersed in the universe of the novel. The author reflects on the deep laws of this complex genre, giving a fresh look at the world, its relationship with history. In essence, Kundera creates a fundamental course in the art of the novel and its role in world literature.

Kundera, like a musical score, is composed of seven parts, each of which contains several brilliant meditations about the fate of the novel and its major creators, such as Rabe, M. Cervantes, L. Tolstoy, M. Proust, R. Musil, and others. The “Curtain” brilliantly shows that the work of the writer gives the reader a tool to see what otherwise might never have been seen.

The magic veil woven from legends was stretched in front of the world. Cervantes sent don Quixote on his way and tore the veil. The world opened before the knight errant in all the comic nakedness of its prose.

… it was by breaking the veil of pre-interpretation that Cervantes gave way to this new art; his destructive gesture is reflected and continues in every novel worthy of this title; it is a sign of the authenticity of the art of the novel.


Part One: The Consciousness Of Continuity
Part Two: Die Weltliteratur
Part Three: Getting Into the Soul of Things
Part Four: What Is A Novelist?
Part Five: Aesthetics And Existence
Part Six: The Tom Curtain
Part Seven: The Novel Memory, Forgetting

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