The Everything Candlemaking eBook

The Everything Candlemaking eBook: Create homemade candles in house-warming colors, interesting shapes, and appealing scents by M.J. Abadie

The candle has never ceased to fascinate human beings, despite the development of the electric light bulb. Perhaps that is because a candle produces fire as well as light, and fire is essential to human life. After all, a light bulb is merely a fire trying to burn in a vacuum. But a candle offers the real thing: fire you can see, heat you can feel, aromas to smell.

Candles hark back to a time when they were a vital component of life. In this day of ever expanding forms of technological advance, the humble candle is undergoing an amazing renaissance. Its magic never really died, however. It merely went underground during the time when people were so fascinated with the mechanical and manufactured products of their own nimble brains.

Perhaps this is why candles are so valued as mood-altering tools—you can create a wide range of moods with candles that are totally drug-free! You can use candles to match a mood, whether reflective or festive, or to change a mood —from ho-hum to romantic and exciting. So, hail to the candle and to its burgeoning return to our daily lives.


  1. The History of Candlemaking
  2. Candles in the New World
  3. Candlemaking As a Sacred Art
  4. Candles—All You Need to Know
  5. How to Get Started
  6. Handmade Rolled and Poured Candles
  7. Molded Candles
  8. Dipped Candles
  9. Introducing Unusual Candles
  10. Shape, Color, and Fragrance
  11. Advanced Creative Methods
  12. Holidays and Special Occasions
  13. Surface Techniques for Decorating Candles
  14. Appliqued and Inlaid Candles
  15. Making Decorative Shapes with Molds
  16. Decorative Candleholders and Containers
  17. Novelty Candles

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