The Genius Symbols by Dr. Silvia Hartmann

Much has been talked and written about how we might get to a point where people’s inherent genius can begin to come to the fore and manifest itself FOR REAL in a person’s life.

I have worked on this for about five decades years now and, based on my personal experiences and those of the people who have used my strategies and helped me test my ideas and techniques, I would say that we have a sound theory which powers a set of strategies to do exactly that – get a person, ANY PERSON who sincerely wants to, to contact their “genius within” and create their own genius solutions to their problems and contributions.

I am very lucky that during the time of my research computers arose and proved once and for all that to be able to crunch numbers fast and furiously or to store masses of data that can be regurgitated at the push of a button IS NOT GENIUS.

Genius is a higher form of solution; something that is so cohesive and in many ways, so “out of the ordinary”, that a computer could never have thought of it.

The classic example that is used in our times is that of Einstein who got his ideas for the many formulae he ended up composing by having a vision of himself riding on a beam of light.

Another story that is often told is that of the scientist who had a vision of a spiral staircase and thus figured out how DNA hangs together.

In the past it was often so that mastery in mechanical execution – be it in maths, putting words together, applying paint to a canvas or in any other modality such as playing the piano, or welding metal – was confused with genius.

It is quite a simple distinction though and our computers today have taught us this well and truly.

Hundreds, thousands of people can learn the techniques to paint the Mona Lisa.
Hundreds of thousands can learn to play the Adagio in G Minor flawlessly.

You can teach people, even though it may take a long time, to re-write Einstein’s maths and physics symbols.

But the original IDEA that sits behind these things is what is genius.

The genius is in the original vision, not in the eventual execution.

To be a genius, you need to have visions.

I have developed and modelled a method to make this genius accessible, and it is actually surprisingly easy – if you know how.

There is a place within our systems where this genius lives. All we have to do is to go there, and to learn how to communicate with it. Amazingly and wonderfully, you can not do that by being “smart” or “clever”. You can only do it by being honest.

This simple fact amuses me highly on many different levels and I could say much about the inherent beauty and justice of this; but we are here today to find out about the Genius Symbols, a really simple form of alphabet that will allow you to start communicating with the source of human genius which all of us possess by right of birth, to learn how this genius thinks and expresses itself; and to use these genius systems to find resolutions for your problems that will blow you away – even if you’re only a beginner.

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