The gifts of imperfection by Brene Brawn

The gifts of imperfection: let go of who you think you’re sipposedto be and embrace who you are / by Brene Brawn

“…Wholehearted living is not a onetime choice. It is a process. In fact, I believe it’s the journey of a lifetime. My goal is to bring awareness and clarity to the constellation of choices that lead to Wholeheartedness and to share what I’ve learned from many, many people who have dedicated themselves to living and loving with their whole hearts. Before embarking on any journey, including this one, it’s important to talk about what we need to bring along.

What does it take to live and love from a place of worthiness? How do we embrace imperfection? How do we cultivate what we need and let go of the things that are holding us back? The answers to all of these questions are courage, compassion, and connection—the tools we need to work our way through our journey. If you’re thinking, Great. I just need to be a superhero to fight perfectionism, I understand.

Courage, compassion, and connection seem like big, lofty ideals. But in reality, they are daily practices that, when exercised enough, become these incredible gifts in our lives. And the good news is that our vulnerabilities are what force us to call upon these amazing tools. Because we’re human and so beautifully imperfect, we get to practice using our tools on a daily basis. In this way, courage, compassion, and connection become gifts—the gifts of imperfection. Here’s what you’ll find in the pages that follow. In the first chapter.

I explain what I’ve learned about courage, compassion, and connection and how they are truly the tools for developing worthiness. I answer some of the most difficult questions of my career: What is love? Can we love someone and betray them? Why does our constant need to fit in sabotage real belonging? Can we love the people in our lives, like our partners and children, more titan we love ourselves? How do we define worthiness, and why do we so often end up hustling for it rather than believing in it?….”

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