The Manipulated Man

The Manipulated Man PDFThe Manipulated Man pdf by Esther Vilar  


was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied medicine and sociology before becoming a writer. She followed the world-wide success of The Manipulated Man with two more books about the relationship between the sexes, the novels The Mosquito, The Mathematics of Nina Gluckstein and The Seven Fires of Mademoiselle and numerous plays, including The American Popess, Speer, and Jealousy.

The Manipulated Man

  • The slave’s happiness
  • Wat is man?
  • What is woman?
  • A woman’s horizon
  • The fair sex
  • The universe is male
  • Her stupidity makes woman divine
  • Breaking them in
  • Manipulation by means of self-abasement a dictionary
  • Women have no feelings sex as reward the female libido
  • Manipulation through bluff
  • Commercialized prayers
  • Self-conditioning
  • Children as hostages
  • Women’s vices
  • The mask of femininity
  • The business world as a hunting ground
  • The emancipated’ female
  • Women’s liberation
  • What is love?

Here is a list of issues which I recognized in the original book to be men’s most significant disadvantages compared to women.
1. Men are conscripted; women are not.
2. Men are sent to fight in wars; women are not.
3. Men retire later than women (even though, due to their lower life-expectancy, they should have the right to have the right to retire earlier).
4. Men have almost no influence over their reproduction (for males, there is neither a pill nor abortion – they can only get the children women want them to have).
5. Men support women; women never, or only temporarily, support men.
6. Men work all their lives; women work only temporarily or not at all.
7. Even though men work all their lives, and women work only temporarily or not at all, on average, men are poorer than women.
8. Men only borrow’ their children; woman can keep them (as men work all their lives and women do not, men are automatically robbed of their children in cases of separation – with the reasoning that they have to work).

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