The Master Book Of Mathematical Recreations by Fred. Schuh (1968)


Chapter I: Hints for Solving Puzzles

  •  Various Kinds of Puzzles
  •  Solving by Trial
  • Classification System
  • Solving a Puzzle by Simplification
  • Solving a Puzzle by Breaking It Up
  • Some Puzzles with Multiples

Chapter II: Some Domino Puzzles

  • Symmetric Domino Puzzle, with Extensions
  • Doubly Symmetric Domino Puzzle
  • Smallest and Largest Number of Corners

Chapter III: The Game of Noughts and Crosses

  •  Description of the Game
  • Considerations Affecting Values of the Squares
  • Directions for Good Play
  • Some Remarks on Good Play
  • General Remarks on the Analysis of the Game
  • Partial Analysis of the Game
  • Complete Analysis of the Game
  • Modification of the Game of Noughts and Crosses
  • Puzzles Derived from the Game

Chapter IV: Number Systems

  • Counting
  • Arithmetic
  • Remarks on Number Systems
  • More about Digital Systems

Chapter V: Some Puzzles Related to Number Systems

  • Weight Puzzles
  • Example oj a Binary Puzzle
  •  Robuse and Related Binary Puzzles

Chapter VI: Games with Piles of Matches

  •  General Observations
  • Games with One Pile of Matches
  • Games with Several Piles of Matches
  • Some Other Match Games
  • Game of Nim
  • Game of Nim and the Binary System
  • Extension or Modification of the Game of Nim

Chapter VII: Enumeration of Possibilities and the Determination of Probabilities

  • Numbers of Possibilities
  • Determining Probabilities from Equally Likely Cases
  • Rules for Calculating Probabilities
  • Probabilities of Causes

Chapter VIII: Some Applications of the Theory of Probability

  • Various Questions on Probabilities Shrewd prisoner
  • Probabilities in Bridge

Chapter IX: Evaluation of Contingencies and Mean Values

  •  Mathematical Expectation and Its Applications Mathematical expectation
  • Further Application of Mathematical Expectation
  • Average Values

Chapter X: Some Games of Encirclement

  • Game of Wolf and Sheep
  • Game of Dwarfs or “Catch the Giant!”
  • Further Considerations of the Game of Dwarfs
  •  Modified Game of Dwarfs Rules of the game
  • The Soldiers’ Game

Chapter XI: Sliding-Movement Puzzles

  • Game of Five
  •  Extensions of the Game of Five
  •  Fatal Fifteen
  • Further Considerations on Inversions
  • Least Number of Moves
  • Puzzles in Decanting Liquids

Chapter XII: Subtraction Games

  • Subtraction Game with a Simple Obstacle
  •  Subtraction Game with a More Complicated Obstacle
  •  3-, 5-, 7- and 9-Subtraction Games
  • Subtraction Game where the Opener Loses

Chapter XIII: Puzzles with Some Mathematical Aspects

  • Simple Puzzles with Squares Puzzle
  • Puzzle with 4-Digit Squares
  • A Curious Multiplication
  • Problem on Remainders and Quotients
  • Commuter Puzzles
  •  Prime Number Puzzles
  • Remarkable Divisibility
  • Multiplication and Division Puzzles
  • Dice Puzzles

Chapter XIV: Puzzles of Assorted Types

  •  Network Puzzle
  •  Broken Lines through Dots
  • Other Puzzles of a Geometrical Nature
  • Queens on the Chessboard
  • Road Puzzles
  • Problem on Names
  • Stockings Puzzles and Probability Considerations

Chapter XV: Puzzles in Mechanics

  • General Remarks on Kinematics
  • Phenomena of Inertia
  • Mass and Weight
  • Further Considerations on Forces
  • Some Other Dynamic Problems

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