The NLP Workbook : The Practical Guidebook to Achieving the Results You Want

THE NLP WORKBOOK: The Practical Guidebook to Achieving the Results You Want (pdf) by JOSEPH O’CONNOR

Welcome to the NLP workbook. This is the most comprehensive guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming available. It has all the main material to practitioner level as well as many exercises, suggestions and resources that go further. It is called a ‘workbook’ because it is practical – it works, you can change yourself and your world with die ideas and techniques here. It is not a workbook in the sense of hard work -NLP is remarkably easy, intuitive and entertaining.

NLP is about your experience – how you know the world and everyone in it, how you do what you do, how you create your own reality, with its heights and depths. I hope this book will tell you how to see. hear and feel more of the world, to know yourself better and to understand others more clearly. If you already have some knowledge of NLP then this book will be an invaluable resource to integrate what you know, give you some new ideas and some new exercises.

This book started life as the manual for my NLP practitioner course. I have rearranged, changed, added, subtracted and transformed that manual to make it into this book. In doing so, I hope I have kept most of the clarity and conciseness of the original.

The book is arranged in several sections, each covering a topic in depth, and the final section explains how it all fits together and what techniques and ideas to use in what situation. NLP can be rather like a magic toolbox. Marvelling at the wonderful things inside, you ask yourself, Where can I use this?’ This book will answer that question. There is also a final section on how to create your own tools, so you can add to the box yourself.

Joseph O’Connor has taught NLP in North and South America, Hong Kong, Singapore (where he was awarded the medal of the national Community Leadership Institute),  New Zealand and many European countries.

He is the only European visiting member of the Faculty for NLP University in Santa Cruz, California. He was the first Luropean trainer to train NLP in Chile, where he presented a seminar to members of the Chilean Senate.

He has worked with many companies as a trainer and consultant, including BA. Hewlett Packard, ВТ and ICI. He has also worked with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, consulting on industrial co-operation projects in developing countries.



Chapter l  What is NLP?
Chapter 2 Outcomes
Chapter 3 Learning
Chapter 4 Relationship
Chapter 5 The Senses
Chapter 6 Emotional State
Chapter 7 Inside the Mind
Chapter 8 Strategies
Chapter 9 language
Chapter 10 The Meta Model
Chapter 11 The Milton Model
Chapter 12 Metaphor
Chapter 13 Writing
Chapter 14 Understanding
Chapter 15 Framing
Chapter 16 Putting It All Together

Language: English      Format: PDF          Pages: 303