The Pregnancy Encyclopedia : All your questions answered

The Pregnancy EncyclopediaThe Pregnancy Encyclopedia : All your questions answered  by  Dr. Chandrima Biswas pdf

The Pregnancy Encyclopedia is a one-stop reference that will guide and inform you throughout these special nine months. Presented in an easy-to-navigate question-and-answer format, the book covers all aspects of pregnancy and labor, and looks ahead to life with your brand-new baby and the first few weeks of family life.

Your pregnancy journey, the first time and each time you embark on it, is incredible and unique to you. From my professional working life in obstetrics, and seeing patients from all sorts of backgrounds, I have found there are as many different pregnancies and birth experiences as there are individual women.

Finding out you are pregnant for the first time, or indeed the second, third, or fourth times, can bring on a myriad of emotions-joy. excitement, reticence, fear. awe. curiosity, and. of course, anxiety. These feelings are entirely natural, as is the need for advice. In the past, societies with large families and different social structures created a network of sisterly support to help and inform women about all matters pregnancy related. By contrast, today we may talk about our pregnancy to only a handful of family members and girlfriends; and to our obstetrician or midwife every couple of weeks.

Often, our first step is to perform an Internet search. Here there is an abundance of information (and misinformation), and anecdotes of the pregnancy and childbirth experiences of other parents-induding those that are unusually good or unusually disappointing. Sometimes search results are informative but too often they can be confusing and lead to further anxiety about our own experience.

Dr. Chandrima Biswas

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