The Psychology of Trading : Tools and Techniques for Minding the Markets

“If there is a single theme to this book, it is this: Trading is a microcosm of life. In trading as in life, we pursue values. In both trading and life, we manage the risks of those pursuits: lost opportunities and realized losses. How we seek values and manage the associated risks will determine our personal and professional success.

In our debts to others, we find the true measure of our wealth.

Many times, our responses to the uncertainty of outcomes interfere with the achievement of our goals. In careers, romantic relationships, and trading, we find ourselves enacting self-defeating patterns: cutting promising situations short and lingering in unprofitable ones. It doesn’t matter that we are virtuous people, hardworking and otherwise successful.

It doesn’t matter that we have attended all the latest seminars, read the hottest books, and purchased all the best trading tools. If our coping with risk distorts our efforts at pursuing values, we will fail to attain the stature that can be ours —as traders and as human beings.

The purpose of this book is to help you identify your patterns of success and failure and exercise greater control over these. The following pages can help you cultivate new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting; but they cannot perform magic.

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Pages: 343
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