Social Psychology: The Science of Everyday Life by Jeff Greenberg

Social Psychology: The Science of Everyday Life (pdf) by Jeff Greenberg ,Toni Schmader, Mark Landau, Jamie Arndt

Social Psychology: The Science of Everyday Life  bJeff Greenberg ,Toni Schmader, Mark Landau, Jamie Arndt (PDF)

Since our own days as undergrads, we’ve been excited by how the science of social psychology helps us understand everyday life. Our goal in this book is to generate this same kind of excitement for a new generation of students. How?

By presenting the best, brightest, and most current ideas and findings the field has to offer in a conceptually coherent and lively narrative. We want students to appreciate that social psychology is, first and foremost, the science of all of us.

And so we have aimed to write a book that all students, regardless of their backgrounds, social identities, and career interests, will find enriching and enjoyable.
There’s only one good reason to spend many years bringing a new social psych text into the world: to present the field’s body of knowledge in a more compelling and appealing way than any of the texts that arc currently available.

We have tried to do this primarily through a lot of hard work, digging into literatures both from within the traditional bounds of the field and from related disciplines, thinking creatively, staying abreast of the latest developments, and discussing and debating what to present and how best to do it. Indeed, every chapter involved a close collaboration among the four of us, resulting in a consistent voice that conveys our collective knowledge, experience, and insight.



CHAPTER 1  The Revealing Science of Social Psychology
CHAPTER 2 Fundamentals of Social Behavior
CHAPTER 3 The Core Elements of Social Cognition
CHAPTER 4 Thinking About People and Events
CHAPTER 5 The Nature, Origins, and Functions of the Self
CHAPTER 6 The Key Self-motives: Consistency, Esteem, Presentation, and Growth
CHAPTER 7 Social Influence
CHAPTER 8 Persuasion, Attitudes, and Behavior
CHAPTER 9 Group Processes
CHAPTER 10 Understanding Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination
CHAPTER 11 Responding to and Reducing Prejudice
CHAPTER 12 Interpersonal Aggression
CHAPTER 13 Prosocial Behavior
CHAPTER 14 Interpersonal Attraction
CHAPTER 15 Close Relationships

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 716