The Science of Mind by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

The Science of Mind : A Complete Course of Lessons in the Science of Mind and Spirit by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes (pdf) 

The Science of Mind by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes originally published in 1926 has lain dormant in the back room of time.

It is with pleasure that we make this fine publication available again. In so doing, we would like to call attention to the word “God” as used in this book.

The author gives definitions in the glossary that help to understand his use of this symbol but it is the consensus of opinion of some of the students of Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind that it might be advisable now to call attention to the fact that this word or symbol has been misused, abused and misunderstood for such a long time that a short explanation here might make the study of this great work more meaningful.

It is with this thought in mind that I would like to clarify what the symbol “God” expresses.
It is, of course, understood that the significance of the principle of infinity expressed in one symbolic word becomes limited by the understanding of the reader. It is because of this fact that too many have suffered through an existence of limitation, confusion, and fear.

It is necessary that we remember that we live in two worlds at the same time, the invisible world of cause where thoughts and ideas are the creators and the material world of effect where the results or manifestations of our thoughts and ideas come into being.

Man needs to be introduced to himself, and a serious study of this Science of Mind text book can be a great help in accomplishing this.

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