The Spirit of NLP : The Process, Meaning and Criteria for Mastering NLP

The Spirit of NLP : The Process, Meaning and Criteria for Mastering NLP by L. Michael Hall PhD 

In the Spirit of NLP, the brilliant trainer and author of Meta-States, Michael Hall presents a number of significant extensions of the Meta Model recently developed by Richard Randier. In so doing, the author provides a deeper understanding of the true genius of this man who is the originator and co-developer of NLP.

The book also includes mastery of the neurology of NLP and developmental work associated with sleight of mouth patterns. It is ideal for any one wishing to update and expand their understanding of NLP.

An outstanding contribution of new ideas and thinking to the subject of NLP, this book expands and develops the existing NLP model and takes it into new domains.

“What represents the spirit of NLP? What distinguishes a practitioner of this art from a master practitioner?  Wherein lie the distinctive meaning and criteria involved in mastering the NLP model? What process enables one to master it?

I have written the following, based first upon my own Master Practitioner Training and Trainer’s Trainer under Richard Handler, and then upon my own experiences and readings over the years with NLP as a psychotherapist and trainer, to answer these questions.
As the years pass from my original training with Richard Handler, my sense of him as someone who truly manifests the spirit of NLP has grown.

Accordingly, I have based much of the following upon this opinion. To know Richard Handler makes one aware that he has served this many years as the creative genius behind NLP. To get to know him also beyond that rough exterior that he can sometimes present introduces one to his spirit of passion in “going for it” and his curiosity for the possible. And this very spirit functions in a foundational way to make NLP dramatic and dynamic.

The NLP paradigm, as a communication and behavioural model, arose partly, it seems to me. as those men and women who later became the co-founders and developers of NLP began to translate Randier. Yes, Bandler and Grinder originally set out to model Virginia Satir, Fritz Peris, and Milton Erickson, etc. And yet as they did. they did so because of Richard s genius in so quickly and unconsciously modeling these experts with astonishing ease and speed.

After he surprised himself by modeling Satir and Peris, he and John set out to pull apart thе component pieces of neurology and language to understand how this magic” occurred and how they could enable others to install toe same excellence in themselves.

Richard Bandler’s spirit, then, with his wild and wonderful ideas, his gruff style, and his unpredictable curiosity lies at the heart of this revolutionary technology of human resourcefulness. NLP reflects and represents his genius of modeling….”

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