The Wild Days NLP 1972 to 1981

THE WILD DAYS NLP 1972 TO 1981 by Terrence L. McClendon (pdf)

The Wild Days is a personal account of the historical development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its two key developers, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

The author traces the development of NLP from its preconception in 1972 thru to its maturation in 1981. This book is a first hand account of the training seminars and wild stories of NLP’s two key figures. It also discusses the key figures of the core groups of the early days, their relationships and career developments.

The serious student of NLP will find this book a useful addition to your collection of metaphors about NLP. All others will find it fun. With its twenty seven illustrations it is the book that all the visuals have long waited for.

This book should be kept readily at hand for those precious moments in your morning duties and on the bedside table for a spicy piece of entertainment before retiring.


Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 122
Size: 3 mb

THE WILD DAYS NLP 1972 TO 1981 by Terrence L. McClendon (pdf)