Theories of Personality by Duane P. Schultz – 9th ed. 

The ninth edition of Theories of Personality retains its orientation toward undergraduate students who have had little previous exposure to personality theories. Authors purpose is to reach out to beginning students and ease their task of learning about the study of personality.

They have chosen theorists who represent psychoanalytic, neopsychoanalytic, life-span, trait, humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, and social-learning approaches, as well as clinical and experimental work. The concluding chapter reviews the seven major perspectives from which to view personality development and suggests ways to help students draw conclusions and achieve closure from their studies.


INTRODUCTION: The Study of Personality: Assessment Research, and Theory

PART ONE     The Psychoanalytic Approach

PART TWO     The Neopsychoanalytic Approach

PART THREE    The Life-Span Approach

PART FOUR       The Trait Approach: The Genetics of Personality

PART FIVE        The Humanistic Approach

PART SIX       The Cognitive Approach 

PART SEVEN        The Behavioral Approach

PART EIGHT         The Social-Learning Approach

PART NINE       Advances in Personality Theory

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