Time Distortion In Hypnosis by Milton H. Erickson

TIME DISTORTION IN HYPNOSIS : An Experimental and Clinical Investigation LINN F. СOOPER, M.D. and MILTON H. ERICKSON, M.A., M.D.

The work reported in this monograph was done, as occasion arose, in the period between February 1948 and May 1954. As the experiments progressed, the findings led to speculation concerning their significance and possible implications. So intriguing were some of the questions raised that, rather than attempting to study exhaustively any single one of them, a number of pilot experiments involving different problems were carried out. In other words it was, in a sense, like making a series of -short exploratory trips in various directions into a strange land. It is the hope of the authors that this presentation may stimulate others to venture further.

In Part I the author has freely drawn upon two articles, “Time Distortion in Hypnosis. I” and “Time Distortion in Hypnosis, II”, originally published in the Bulletin of the Georgetown University Medical Center. Furthermore, Chapters 18, 19, and 22 are here reprinted, with some changes, from articles appearing in the Journal of Psychology and in Science. On the other hand, a good deal of previously unpublished work is included in Part I. Part II, in which case reports are presented, is entirely new except for one section.

The authors are most grateful to Dr. Harold Rosen for his interest and encouragement during the experimental phase of the work. They also wish to thank the Georgetown University Medical Center, the Macmillan Company, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Dr. Carl Murchison for permission to use material formerly published by them.

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