Time For A Change by Richard Bandler

This book, and all the books related to it, grew out of a goal. We all know of stunningly accomplished people. We usually call them creative. Some of them, even geniuses, had less training, intelligence, talent, strength, energy, money, memory, you name it, than many mediocre achievers in the same field. Why?

Call it a fluke. Rude, but it gets us off the hook. Unfortunately, it sounds less convincing every time. Worse, creative people have an alanning tendency to stay increasingly creative. This flagrant violation of entropy and justice admits no previous explanation.

Two decades ago, the founders of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) sought to answer that “why” usefully. With a functional answer to that question, we could train people to perform like geniuses. Today, thousands of people have certifications in NLP.

In single sessions, they can accelerate learning, neutralize phobias, enhance creativity, improve relationships, eliminate allergies, and lead firewalks without roasting toes. NLP achieves the goal of its inception.

We have ways to do what only a genius could have done a decade ago. In this book you will find more powerful ways to understand, shape, and use your states of consciousness, your driving beliefs, and your experience of time itself.

You can apply these to accelerate learning, achieve your ideals, contribute to others, and have a spectacularly good time. Start now. You already have.

If you run out of beliefs, you may enjoy reading for presuppositions. Find presuppositions that would do you good to believe. Give yourself those beliefs. You can do that with any book. Presuppositions from the papers of M.H. Erickson have proven valuable to me.

Who are the most valuable people you know of? What led them through their wisest decisions? What beliefs would you like to share with them?

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