Unstoppable Confidence

Unstoppable Confidence : UNLEASH YOUR NATURAL CONFIDENCE WITHIN By Kent Sayre (PDF) 

“My name is Kent Sayre and this book is a product of my transformation from being an extremely shy person to being one with a lot of confidence. I know that if I can do it, any one can break out of being shy and become more confident. I was literally the shyest person that I had ever met.

Even if you already have a lot of confidence now, you will benefit from this book by stretching your confidence beyond what you thought was even possible.

My puipose for writing this book is to invite everyone who reads this to take a shortcut and immediately become more confident by doing the exercises and adopting the confidence mindset that is described throughout the book. When I was extremely shy and needed confidence, I had to take the long road to confidence. Through my own trial and error, I’ve found what works, what doesn’t work, and what really works.

Much of the material yet not all is based upon Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
NLP is the study of how language, both verbal and nonverbal, affects our minds. By consciously directing our minds, we can create resourceful ways of behaving for ourselves. In this book, all of the methods are geared toward having more confidence in our lives and stepping beyond our previously defined limits.

One of the NLP presuppositions is that since we all share the same neurology, that means whatever anyone can do, you can do as well provided that you direct your mind in exactly the same way. That means if something is possible for others, it’s possible for you too. If confidence is possible for others (and it definitely is), it is definitely possible for you too.

Using NLP methods, I have modeled very confident people and included what they do in this book. By doing what they do, you will achieve the same resourcefi.il states of confidence that they have. From how confident people think about things to how they speak to how they carry their bodies, you will find in this book how confident people move through the world.

Chapter one describes my background of being painfully shy and how I overcame my shyness. It continues on with having the reader set some very specific goals about what they want out of this book so that they can focus in and accomplish what they want. True confidence is defined and it’s explained why confidence is such an integral part of life.

Chapter two teaches the reader to speak the language of confidence. They learn how to speak authoritatively and harness the power of confident words. Furthermore, the reader learns how to eliminate the confidence destroying words from his or her vocabulary.

Chapter three details the nine factors of unstoppable confidence. There are different factors that go into making someone confident and they are described in this chapter. The reader will learn how to use momentum to their benefit, how to commit to success, and how to discover their own natural motivation strategy.

Chapter four goes into depth about the topic of beliefs. Beliefs shape our lives. The value of empowering beliefs cannot be overstated. This chapter invites the reader to eliminate dis-empowering beliefs and replace those beliefs with useful beliefs and teaches a specific method for how to do exactly that.

Chapter five covers the body language of confidence. This chapter describes how confident people move, walk, and gesture. By learning how they do it, and doing it yourself, you will convey confidence to yourself and others.

Chapter six teaches you how to master your internal voice. You will not only squash the negative, nagging internal voice, you will replace that old voice with a new empowering voice that encourages you to go after your dreams. Specific and easy-to-do methods are given to eliminate the negative voice and amplify the positive voice.

Chapter seven teaches how to create instant rapport with anyone you meet. When you know you can easily create rapport with anyone who you speak with, your confidence levels will soar.

Chapter eight gives 20 specific exercises geared toward expanding your confidence to unprecedented levels. Doing these exercises is what helped me expand my confidence the most and I still use these exercises very frequently to become even more confident.

Chapter nine points you to your confident future and your new life with unstoppable confidence. It offers advice for how to make confidence your lifelong habit and how to integrate confidence into your daily life and make it is part of who you are, not simply something you do.

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