A View From The TOP: Moving From Success To Significance

A View From The TOP: Moving From Success To Significance: WorkBook by Zig Ziglar

A View from the Top: An Introduction

Your view from the top is going to be better all the time.

I regularly meet people who don’t focus on what is important, who have a skewed idea—or no idea at all!—of what real success is. Often, these people feel success equals money, and vice versa. After a lifetime of studying success, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t so. This is what I know to be true about the success-money connection:

■ Money will buy you a house…but it won’t buy you a home.
■ Money will buy you a companion.. .but it won’t buy you a friend.
■ Money will buy you a bed.. .but it won’t buy you a good night’s sleep.
■ Money will buy you a good time…but it won’t buy you peace of mind.

If your standard of living is your #1 priority, your quality of life probably won’t ever improve. But if the quality of your life is your #1 priority, your standard of living will most definitely improve. That’s what A View from the Top  is all about—reaching your goals and being the very best person you can be. Tough assignment? Maybe. Worth the effort? Absolutely!

This guidebook is designed to help you help yourself. Here you’ll find many exercises designed to get you thinking about what you really want out of life. More importantly, though, it will help you organize a step-by-step strategy for achieving all you want. At its heart is my philosophy that you can’t just dream about and hope for the things you want—you have to take action. You’ll find lots of Action Steps here, things you should do right now to live your dreams.

Maybe you think you have too many problems to succeed fully, too many obstacles in your way. Just remember that of 300 or so world-class leaders over the last century—a list that includes Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Helen Keller, and Mother Teresa—a full 75 percent of them were raised in poverty or were abused or had some serious physical defect. But these great men and women understood that it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle what happens to you that’s going to make the difference.

Can you have it all? That’s mainly up to you. Are you willing to work for it? Are you willing to follow the formula? Are you willing to start with the right attitude, add the specific skills, and live by the Golden Rule? If you are, and if you’re willing to put all that on a sturdy character base, then you have an honest, legitimate shot at complete success.

I promise, your view from the top will be magnificent!

Zig Ziglar     


Table of Contents

  • A View from the Top: An Introduction
  • Getting Started: Your Personal Commitment
  • Success: What Does It Mean to You?
  • Your Day Before Vacation
  • Wanting and Needing: Two Very Different Things
  • Fear and Guilt: Easing Your Burden
  • Personal Evaluation — Rating Your Life: Plus or Minus
  • A Balanced Life: Everything Starts with You
  • Balancing the Wheel: Your Life’s Priorities
  • Counting Your Blessings: An Exercise in Gratitude
  • No One Is Alone: The Wall of Gratitude
  • Writing Your Eulogy
  • Setting Goals: Your Dream List
  • Reaching Your Goals: Required Weekly Reading
  • On the Road to the Top: Forgiveness
  • You Are What You Think: The Power of Self-Talk
  • How You Know You’re at the Top: 15 Final Truths
  • Quotes and Notes

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 View From The TOP: Moving From Success To Significance: WorkBook pdf by Zig Ziglar