Visionary Leadership Skills by Robert B. Dilts

Visionary Leadership Skills : Creating a World to Which People Want to Belong by Robert B. Dilts pdf

“Leadership is creating a world to which people want to belong” – Gilles Pajou

At some point in our lives we have probably all felt the desire to “change the world” or to “make the world a better place.” This desire usually stems from a “vision” that our lives or our world could be enriched or improved in some way. Such visions of the future often provide guidance and direction for our lives and our work, furnishing the motivation and impetus for change.

Visions that become shared by a number of people form the foundation of effective teamwork; and visions that become shared by multitudes constitute the basis for organization, culture and ultimately for the progress of civilization.

This book examines some of the essential skills and tools that are required to bring about change and “create a world to which people want to belong” – the skills and tools of “visionary leadership”. These skills involve self exploration and discovery as much as they involve interacting with others.

They relate to forming and clarifying one’s own dreams and ideas, sharing those ideas with others, transforming dreams into actions and engaging the help of others to bring dreams and ideas into reality.

Many of the skills presented in this book have been modeled from and/or inspired by effective leaders and managers from around the world. They range from planning and problem solving, to communicating effectively and establishing rapport.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Releasing natural leadership abilities through the identification of your vision and mission.
  • Developing and maintaining states of personal excellence.
  • Forming effective plans.
  • Recognizing and addressing different thinking styles. Understanding and managing beliefs and belief systems.
  • Enhancing personal effectiveness in communicating and in managing others.
  • Exploring and enriching personal leadership styles. Giving useful feedback.
  • Dealing with cultural presuppositions, organizational ecology and other systemic issues.

The most important aspect of developing leadership skills, however, involves engagement and commitment. The activities presented in this book are as important as the text. While some of the exercises in the book are best done in conjunction with others, most of the exercises are structured so that you can explore them on your own using a “fill in the blanks” approach.

To get the most out of this book, however, it is essential to do the exercises either on your own or together with others. “Creating a world” involves as much action as it does vision.

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