Wet: Erotic Adventures In Water

Our senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing are all integral parts of the sexual experience. Though we often think of sex as a purely physical act, it is, in fact, one that incorporates multiple simultaneous experiences—not all of them tactile. Smells, sounds, and sights can just as easily trigger arousal as can direct touch. Following are a variety of aqueous ideas for arousing each of your senses and awaking feelings that may have otherwise been slumbering.

Wet: Erotic Adventures In Water

Water offers amazing sensations of flotation and weightlessness, but because it is so buoyant it can be tough to achieve the forceful thrust of sex on dry land. Consider using your oceanic setting for some hot foreplay, complete with groping, nibbling, and some serious kissing before heading back for a sexy session on the beach.


  • Aqua Erotica
  • Diving In
  • Aquatic Arousal
  • Positions, Places, and Pleasure
  • Solo Sailing
  • Drying Off

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