The World of Ice & Fire

The World of Ice & Fire: the Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin pdfThe World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin pdf

IT IS SAID with truth that every building is constructed stone by stone, and the same may be said of knowledge, extracted and compiled by many learned men, each of whom builds upon the works of those who preceded him. What one of them does not know is known to another, and little remains truly unknown if one seeks far enough. Now I, Maester Yandel, take my turn as mason, carving what I know to place one more stone in the great bastion of knowledge that has been built over the centuries both within and without the confines of the Citadel—a bastion raised by countless hands that came before, and which will, no doubt, continue to rise with the aid of countless hands yet to come.

I was a foundling from my birth in the tenth year of the reign of the last Targaryen king, left on a morning in an empty stall in the Scribes Hearth, where acolytes practiced the art of letters for those who had need. The course of my life was set that day, when I was found by an acolyte who took me to the Seneschal of that year, Archmaester Edgerran. Edgerran, whose ring and rod and mask were silver, looked upon my squalling face and announced that I might prove of use. When first told this as a boy, I took it to mean he foresaw my destiny as a maester; only much later did I come to learn from Archmaester Ebrose that Edgerran was writing a treatise on the swaddling of infants and wished to test certain theories.

But inauspicious as that may seem, the result was that I was given to the care of servants and received the occasional attention of maesters. I was raised as a servant myself amongst the halls and chambers and libraries, but I was given the gift of letters by Archmaester Walgrave. Thus did I come to know and love the Citadel and the knights of the mind who guarded its precious wisdom. I desired nothing more than to become one of them—to read of far places and long-dead men, to gaze at the stars and measure the passing of the seasons.

And so I did. I forged the first link in my chain at three-and-ten, and other links followed. I completed my chain and took my oaths in the ninth year of the reign of King Robert, the First of His Name, and found myself blessed to continue at the Citadel, to serve the arch-maesters and aid them in all that they did. It was a great honor, but my greatest desire was to create a work of mine own, a work that humble but lettered men might read—and read to their wives and children—so that they would learn of things both good and wicked, just and unjust, great and small, and grow wiser as I had grown wiser amidst the learning of the Citadel. And so 1 set myself to work once more at my forge, to make new and notable matter around the masterworks of the long-dead maesters who came before me. What follows herein sprang from that desire: a history of deeds gallant and wicked, peoples familiar and strange, and lands near and far.


Ancient History

  • The Dawn Age
  • The Coming of the First Men
  • The Age of Heroes
  • The Long Night
  • The Rise of Valyria
  • Valyrias Children
  • The Arrival of the Andals
  • Ten Thousand Ships
  • The Doom of Valyria

The Reign of the Dragons

  • The Conquest

The Targaryen Kings

  • Aegon I
  • Aenys I
  • Maegor I
  • JaehaerysI
  • Viserys I
  • Aegon II
  • Aegon III
  • Daeron I
  • Baelor I
  • Viserys II
  • Aegon IV
  • Daeron II
  • Aerys I
  • Maekar I
  • Aegon V
  • Jaehaerys II
  • Aerys II

The Fall of the Dragons

  • The Year of the False Spring
  • Roberts Rebellion
  • The End

The Glorious Reign
The Seven Kingdoms

  • The North
  • The Kings of Winter
  • The Mountain Clans
  • The Stoneborn of Skagos
  • The Crannogmen of the Neck
  • The Lords of Winterfell
  • Winterfell
  • The Wall and Beyond
  • The Nights Watch
  • The Wildlings
  • The Riverlands
  • House Tully
  • Riverrun
  • The Vale
  • House Arryn
  • The Eyrie
  • The Iron Islands
  • Driftwood Crowns
  • The Iron Kings
  • The Black Blood
  • The Greyjoys of Руке
  • The Red Kraken
  • The Old Way and the New
  • Руке
  • The Westerlands
  • House Lannister Under the Dragons
  • Casterly Rock
  • Tire Reach
  • Garth Greenhand
  • The Gardener Kings
  • Andals in the Reach
  • Oldtown
  • House Tyrell
  • Highgarden
  • The Stormlands
  • The Coming of the First Men
  • House Durrandon
  • Andals in the Stormlands
  • House Baratheon
  • The Men of the Stormlands
  • Storms End
  • Dome
  • The Breaking
  • Kingdoms of the First Men
  • The Andals Arrive
  • The Coming of the Rhoynar
  • Queer Customs of the South
  • Dorne Against the Dragons
  • Sunspear

Beyond The Sunset Kingdom

  • Other Lands
  • The Free Cities
  • Lorath
  • Norvos
  • Qohor
  • The Quarrelsome Daughters: Myr, Lys, and Tyrosh
  • Pentos
  • Volantis
  • Braavos
  • Beyond the Free Cities
  • The Summer Isles
  • Naath
  • The Basilisk Isles
  • Sothoryos
  • The Grasslands
  • The Shivering Sea
  • Ib
  • East of Ib
  • The Bones and Beyond
  • Yi Ti
  • The Plains of thejogos Nhai
  • Leng
  • Asshai-by-the-Shadow

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Format: PDF
Pages: 344