The Art of Sensual Massage

The Art of Sensual Massage (pdf) by Gordon Inkeles – 40th anniversary edition

The idea for a book on Sensual Massage originated a little over a year ago. I was living in Berkeley, doing some writing and building a massage practice in the East Bay. Everyone I worked with wanted to learn massage and, as a result, I organized what I hoped would be a series of small intimate workshops. When better than two hundred people responded to a few ads, I decided to put together a book of massage something everyone could take home and use.

It has been a hard year with a few good turns that helped make this book and put it in your hands today. I wanted the book to be a technical manual, a tool, that was beautiful the way massage is beautiful. Four successive photographers tried to capture the seasuality that is part of every massage.

But ultimately, it was Robert Foothorap who proved I wasn’t dreaming. If genius is accomplishment, then you must look closely at Foothorap’s work. He is, first of all, a perfectionist. The pictures that illustrate the text were chosen from better than three thousand negatives. He printed every photograph himself. Working with a series of tight deadlines Foothorap completed this entire effort, three thousand photographs and hundreds of prints, in just under three months!

I am grateful to my neighbor Jane Wenner who found a home for The Art of Sensual Massage. After reading the manascript-when it was little more than a heap of text and photos-she said, “Don’t take this book to New York. We’ll publish it here in San Francisco where it belongs.”

God, or somebody, bless Barbara Kelman, the Straight Arrow editor who took the book home and massaged her fiancee-the best reading I could have hoped for. And I want to thank Jon Goodchild. His clear head and gentle spirit produced a beautiful jacket and book design.

Finally, special thanks to all the people who let as use their homes for photography, to Murray Todris who backed the project at the outset, and to Officer R. of the California Highway Patrol who said, “ I got nothing against it myself, just don’t smoke that stuff on the bridge.”
Gordon Inkeles

Table of Contents
The Art of Sensual Massage ebook

Ch. 1: Introductory Remarks
Ch. 2: Oils and Essences
Ch. 3: Preparation for Massage

A Complete Body Massage
Ch. 4: The Abdomen and Chest
Ch. 5: The Neck and Head Ch.
6: The Arms
Ch. 7: The Hands
Ch. 8: The Front of the Legs
Ch. 9: The Feet
Ch. 10: The Back of the Legs
Ch. 11: The Back

An Extended Massage
Ch. 12: Percussion
Ch. 13: Erotic Massage
Ch. 14: Special Effects

Appendix 1: Accessories
Appendix 2: A History of Massage

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