3 Things You Need To Tell Yourself Every Morning

Each of us has moments when nothing seems to be working and that life is too hard to manage. However, it is important to remember that life is like a Zebra, after a black stripe will be a white one!  Do not give up and every morning tell yourself 3 things that will help to move forward to success, despite the “rain inside”.

3 Things You Need To Tell Yourself Every Morning

Remember, You are the only architect of your destiny and your main instrument is your inner voice. It will help to formulate a plan of action, increase self-confidence and drown out the external voices of critics and skeptics who pull you down.

Think about it: did your inner voice join the chorus of doubters? If the answer is “Yes”, you need to change it quickly!  Let’s start?

Rule #1 Don’t Be #2

Fear of failure, inability to move forward after a mistake is one of the most common obstacles to success. Everyone has fears, everyone is afraid of something, it is our nature, but don’t allow fear to influence your decisions, don’t let paralyze your life.

Only by trial and error you’ll receive the most important life experience that will make you stronger. Teach your inner voice to be stronger than your fears, step by step. For someone it will be more difficult, but in return you will get an incomparable feeling of freedom.

There will be no losers in this game, it will be a victory or an important life lesson. Sometimes the road can be steep and difficult just listen to yourself. There are always opportunities in life, they only finish when we stop using it.

Rule #2 Just Do It Right Now

Dreaming about changes in your career? Learn something new! Are you dreaming to learn Italian ? Train yourself to memorise 5-7 new words every day. Do not try to compromise with yourself if it will prevent you from being happy.

Procrastination is like a bog and if you don’t stop fighting it, it will pull you down.
Day after day you will find an excuse for your laziness and say goodbye to your dream. If you keep reassuring yourself that doing nothing is normal, you will achieve nothing. Don’t stop your inner voice from constantly reminding you of what’s most important.

Rule #3 Today is my day

We often give up on the way to a dream, because we believe that we do not deserve the best. We are endlessly comparing ourselves to others and mentally accept defeat. If you are one of those people who give up the dream, you need to urgently change the direction of your life, otherwise you risk being in a dead end.

Success is not your property. You rent it and renew it every day.
– Daniel Milstein

Start listening to your inner voice today. What does it say? Do you believe it ? Do you think you can? You’re right. Do You think you can’t? You’re right again. You’re what you think. If you want to succeed, the internal dialogue must be positive and motivating. Keep track of what kind of thoughts are born in your head and which of those have the right to exist.

It is very difficult to force yourself to leave the Comfort Zone, but it is necessary! Whatever you dream of, tell yourself that you deserve a brilliant future, invest in yourself and believe, because the sun is shining to everyone!