Achieving Peak Performance: Self – Actualizing your Highest and Best

Achieving Peak Performance: The Science and Art of Taking Performance to Ever Higher Levels (pdf)    META-COACHING by L. Michael Hall. Ph.D.

Are you ready and willing to commit yourself to achieving peak performances in your life? If you are, then I want to welcome you to a Neuro-Semantic adventure that you’ll experience via this book. Welcome to this journey of discovery and intense activity!
“Adventure . . . journey . . . intense activity?’ I thought I was just buying a book 1 could leisurely read for some mindless distraction, something to do at the airport, on the beach, or while waiting at the mall.”

If that’s your motivation and intention then immediately put this book back on the shelf. The escape literature of romance novels and sci-fi books are two aisles over. This book will be a waste of your money and time and probably only serve as a torture to your peace of mind.
You’re still here? You are ready for a life-transforming experience of an adventurous journey into what’s possible for you to achieve? Good. You’re ready to be awakened, challenged, and engaged in ways that will take you out of your comfort zone? To be stretched beyond what you thought possible? Excellent. Have I got a series of experiences for you!

I have written Achieving Peak Performance to be the most experiential book I’ve ever written. I’ve written it to offer you as much as possible a personal journey into the unleashing of your potentials. It is not as personal or intimate as having a personal coach work with you, but it is the next best thing. What will that mean for you as you read?

  •  It will mean that there will be an Action Plan for you to interact with and act on within each chapter. Sometimes there will be an exercise lo do; sometimes a series of actions to engage in with others.
  •  It will mean that there are lots and lots of Patterns within the chapters, patterns that you can use to create new states of mind-and-emotion to enhance your resourcefulness and develop your capabilities for peak performance.
  •  It will mean that there are processes for you to engage in to expand your self-awareness as you set new frames and/or suspend old frames.

Because this is a Neuro-Semantic book. I often refer to many of the other models within NLP and Neuro-Semanitcs. These models include the following:
• The Meta-Model of language
• The Model of Meta-Programs
• Cinematic Features of our Mental Movies (Meta-Modalities)
• The Meta-States Model
• The Matrix Model
• The Axis of Change
• The Self-Actualization Quadrants



1. Performance at Higher Levels 5
Meta-States and meta-stating

2. Closing the Knowing-Doing
* Mind-to-Muscle Pattern

3. Getting Yourself to Take Effective Action
Talent Search (SWOT analysis)
Do you have a Strategy?
Strategy Elicitation
Strategy Delivery
* New Behavior Generator
* Skill Development
* Representational Clarity
* Meta-Stating Ownership
* Responsibility To / For
* Intentionality
* Meta-Stating Decisiveness
* Feedback: Riding the Loops
* Accountability Shaping
* First Step Approximations
* Propulsion System
* Creating Anti-Wiggle Room
* Apply to Self
* Taking Performance to the
Next Level
* Performance Reviews

4. The Art of Implementation 
Feedback and Feed Forward Loops
The Question of Ecology Levels of Competence and the Mastery Pathway
Unconscious Installation Myth The Implementation Model
* Meta-Yes-ing
* Personalizing
* Rehearsal
* Swishing
* Meta-Stating Proactivity
* Time Management
* Time for a Change

5. Eliminating Performance Blocks and Interferences
* Meta-Stating Emotions
* Dragon Taming / Slaying The Excuse Dragon
* Excuse Blow-Out
* Meta-stating NO
Eliminating Fears
* Fear Blow-Out
* Meta-stating courage
* Meta-Stating Procrastination

6. Experiencing Peak Performances
Stepping into Peak Performance Meta-Levels of Peak Perform.
* Accessing Personal Genius
* Gestalting Higher States
* Super-Charging Attitude
* Meta-stating Efficiency
* Meta-Alignment
* Stretching
* Leveraging High Return Behavior

7. Life In the Zone of Peak Performance 
Self-Actualization Quadrants

8. Who wants to be an Expert? 
Deliberate Practice

9. Measuring Performances 
Benchmarking Performance
* An Implementation Plan
* Key Performance Indicators

10. Measuring the Synergy 
With Geoff Dowell

A: Neuro-Semantic Models
B: The Meta-Questions
C: The Matrix Model

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