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Archaeology for kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past by Richard Panchyk 

What is archaeology?

Look around your room. What do you see? Most likely books, magazines, toys, and clothes. These items are your material possessions, the things you own in life. Now make a list of everything in plain sight in your room. How many of these items do you think you will still have in 20 years? What will happen to the rest of your possessions?

Most material possessions end up in the trash and then taken to a landfill many miles away from where you live and slowly decompose. Why? As we know, toys break, clothes become too small, and things that were cool when we were young become not cool at all. We live in a disposable culture where most things are thrown away.

There is nothing new in this disposable culture. It was exactly the same a million years ago. Even the very first humanoid creatures that roamed the earth had few things, including tools made of stone. What do you think happened when a stone tool broke, or when a spear was thrown and lost?

Ever since there have been material objects, people have lost them, abandoned them, and thrown them away. In short, archaeology is the science of finding and studying material objects lost or discarded in the past.

Archaeology is the best tool we have for solving the mysteries of ancient life. In this book, you will learn about how archaeologists work and what they have discovered so far about the past, from the earliest humanlike creatures a few million years ago all the way up to about 100 years ago. You’ll also have a chance to do some fun activities that will help you understand archaeology and the amazing cultures that have been uncovered underfoot.

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