Biology and Human Behavior

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Biology and Human Behavior:
The Neurological Origins of Individuality

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Course Scope 
Lecture One                        Biology and Behavior—An Introduction

Module I: The Neurobiologv of Behavior at the Cellular Level
Lecture Two                         The Basic Cells of the Nervous System
Lecture Three                      How Two Neurons Communicate
Lecture Four                        Learning and Synaptic Plasticity

Module II: The Neurobiology of Behavior at the Systems Level
Lecture Five                         The Dynamics of Interacting Neurons
Lecture Six                           The Limbic System
Lecture Seven                     The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

                                               Module III: The Neuroendocrinology of Behavior
Lecture Eight                       The Regulation of Hormones by the Brain
Lecture Nine                        The Regulation of the Brain by Hormones

Module IV: Evolution and the Neurobiologv of Behavior
Lecture Ten                          The Evolution of Behavior
Lecture Eleven                     The Evolution of Behavior—Some Examples
Lecture Twelve                     Cooperation, Competition, and Neuroeconomics

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