Botany for The Artist: an inspirational guide to drawing plants

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Title: Botany for The Artist: an inspirational guide to drawing plants
Author: Sarah Simblet
Year: 2010
Pages: 255
Language: English

Botany for the Artist features nearly 550 species, selected to represent nearly every plant species and habitat on Earth. Gorgeous, unfamiliar exotics are presented side by side with more common plants to show the beauty and wonder of the bird of paradise flower and the sidewalk thistle, rainforest fruit and the garden apple, giant pine cones and patches of urban moss. Fungi and some types of algae are not scientifically classified as plants, but are presented here because they can be drawn and are very fascinating in their own right.

Drawing is a powerful tool for developing our understanding and imagination. It is a direct and universal language, as old as mankind, from which writing evolved. Myriad images surround us in advertising and on packaging, we enjoy the patterns and designs we choose for our clothes and homes. Drawing allows us to clarify and record ideas, sketch quick maps, and share our sense of humor. Drawing allows us to freely express our attitudes and emotions, and most importantly, to look and learn to see what is already visible. Artists know this, but it’s something we can all experience by drawing. And the time spent drawing is a revelation, regardless of the results.

Botany for The Artist
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