Casebook in Abnormal Psychology

Casebook in Abnormal Psychology booksCasebook in Abnormal Psychology by Timothy A. Brown and David H. Barlow – 4th ed. pdf

All of the eases presented in this book are based on actual clinical histories and treatment outcomes, although patient names and identifying characteristics (e.g., demographics such as age, occupation, and marital/family history) have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

The wide range of DSM-IV disorders discussed in the book is presented using an integrative approach that emphasizes how multidimensional influences that are interrelated and interacting (e.g., genetic, biological, social learning) combine into unified models of the causes and maintenance of the disorder and its treatment.

To keep the chapters at a readable length, we exclude the details of life history that do not affect the onset, maintenance, or treatment outcome of the patient’s disorder. However, we offer rich detail and explanations on the conceptualization, process, and outcome of treatment—far beyond what is typically seen in casebooks of this type.

A variety of treatments, both pharmacological and psychosocial, exist for most of the disorders discussed in this book. However, in most cases, the treatments presented here represent the most effective interventions developed to date for each particular disorder, as documented by the scientific literature.

Nevertheless, in accord with the reality of clinical practice, the reader will note considerable variation in the extent to which patients improve.

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