Cozy Christmas Books for Kids

Christmas is a magical time of wish fulfillment and unexpected miracles!

We offer you a unique selection Christmas ebooks for children. All books are beautifully illustrated and written in an easy and simple way. In addition, these books are perfect for both those who are just learning to read and those who are improving their reading skills. The books are presented from the simplest to the more complex and meaningful text.

Enjoy reading!

 Duck & Goose: It's time for Christmas read online PDF

Duck & Goose: It’s time for Christmas

Celebrate a Magical Christmas with Duck and Goose in this beautifully illustrated Christmas book for toddlers! The book is great for kids who are just starting to learn to read.


Christmas books for kids free pdf

Christmas Cats

A fun story about a cat family who are preparing for Christmas – cleaning and decorating their house, making and wrapping presents, singing and waiting for Coto-Santa. The story is easy to read and perfect for those who are just beginning to learn to read.


the birth of Christ book free pdf

А Christmas Journey

The story of two best friends mice, who had to leave their cozy house in search of food. And how this adventure turned them into witnesses to the birth of Christ.


Christmas books for kids free PDF

Russell’s Christmas Magic

This book is sure to please your child. There is plenty to laugh and worry about and a happy ending! When Santa and his broken sleigh get stuck in the Firefly Forest, Santa assumes Christmas will have to be canceled. But that’s where Russell the sheep comes to the rescue! Russell shows that hard work and a little imagination can create magic that belongs to him alone.


reading books for kids pdf free

Little Duck’s First Christmas

An interesting and instructive story about a little duckling who was worried about whether he had been good this year and whether Santa Bear would bring him a present for his first Christmas in his life. And what happened next, read for yourself….


Christmas books for kids free pdf

Maisy’s Christmas Eve 

A delightful Christmas book with unique full-scale picture books for the littlest ones! Imagine it’s Christmas Eve and snow is falling everywhere – on Maisie’s house, on her friends’ houses, even on Eddie! Everyone is invited to Maisie’s house for Christmas. Luckily, the house is warm and very cozy, and there’s lots to do. Here your little one will learn how to decorate the Christmas tree, make mince pies and wrap presents. Perfect for independent reading for preschoolers. The text is simple and very easy to understand.


Clifford puppy books for kids free pdf

Clifford’s first Christmas

Who doesn’t know Clifford the puppy? Clifford the doggie is known and loved by all children. This book tells the story of his first Christmas when he was just a little puppy. Your child will learn how Clifford decorated his first Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. How he went on a magical adventure at night and met the real Santa, and how his first Christmas presents were waiting for him under the tree in the morning!



Christmas book for kids free pdf

And Then in a Twinkling

A very cozy book about how fast time goes by. Just a short while ago everyone around us was celebrating Halloween, and now Christmas is already knocking on the window. The book will tell you what Christmas is and why there is so much festive fuss around. Very nice watercolor pictures are sure to please children and adults. The text is simple, rhyming and perfect for practicing reading skills.


ToyTown Christmas book free pdf

Little Whistle’s Christmas

It’s Christmas time in the cozy ToyTown. The lights are twinkling on the Christmas trees, the bells are ringing, and everyone is looking forward to the magical reindeer and Santa with presents. Except that Little Whistler and his friends need something else this Christmas, something very special. Will Santa be able to fulfill this wish and what adventures await our friends this Christmas?


Christmas Adventure (Oxford Reading Tree) pdf free
Christmas Adventure

Christmas is a beautiful holiday with a decorated tree and tasty treats. But who should do all this? Mommy and Daddy need help getting ready for Christmas. The story is helped by the Magic Key, which takes the children to the land of Father Christmas. And what happened next, you’ll read for yourself…..


Christmas book for kids free pdf

Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!

You may already be familiar with the main characters of this story from another book by the author. The little mouse and the big hungry bear are known and loved by millions of children all over the world.

This time the story is about Christmas. Little Mouse is looking forward to Christmas and especially to presents! But what about the Big Hungry Bear who lives on top of the hill all alone? Little Mouse’s kind heart reminds us that Christmas is a holiday for everyone. You’ll find out what Mousey decides to do by reading this book with stunning illustrations.

Xmas dino books free pdf

How do Dinosaurs say Merry Christmas?

Christmas decorations and songs at the door – the spirit of Christmas has finally arrived and is filling hearts everywhere. But can you sleep when the Christmas socks are already hanging on the chimney and the cookies and milk are waiting for Santa? It’s all so exciting! Children are sure to enjoy sorting out the funny situations the dinosaurs get into each time. The text is rhyming and very easy to understand.


Disney's Winnie the Pooh book free pdf

Pooh’s Jingle Bells

Do you love the stories of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and his best friends? This book tells Winnie’s Christmas adventures as he goes to help Santa deliver presents to children and learns what the real Christmas is all about. The story is accompanied by beautiful watercolor drawings that are sure to please children and adults alike.


Christmas ebooks for kids free pdf

Bear stays up for Christmas 

One of the most wonderful and kind Christmas books for children. Beautiful rhyme, wonderful pictures and a fascinating story about how friends decided to give their friend bear a magical Christmas, so all the way they come up with entertainment and try to keep him busy with all kinds of pre-holiday activities so that he does not fall asleep! And whether they succeed or not, you will find out by reading this cozy and funny story!

Cats & Kittens ebooks for kids free pdf

Mog’s Christmas

Perhaps a little forgotten, but still interesting story about a house cat named Mog, who didn’t like that one day all the members of her big and friendly family were busy doing their own things and not her! Everyone around them was getting ready to celebrate Christmas, but kitty Mog all this fuss seemed terribly boring. And as soon as she decided to take another nap on her favorite windowsill, incredible events began to happen, which were hard to believe! And what exactly, you can find out for yourself, if you read this amazing story.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! 1957 edition free pdf

How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

A fairy tale by American children’s author Dr. Seuss. The Grinch is a noxious, grumpy, cave green monster who lives on a steep snowy mountain with his dog Max. Every year on New Year’s Eve, the Grinch hates the Christmas holiday more and more. And then one day he gets a brilliant idea – to steal Christmas! What came of it, you’ll find out from this beautifully illustrated book published in 1957.


The Family Christmas Tree Book pdf free

The Family Christmas Tree Book

Do you want to know more about Christmas? Hey, Mom and Dad, how did Christmas trees get started? Yeah, who invented the first one? Well, no one’s exactly sure who invented the first one, but decorated trees and branches at Christmastime have been around for a long, long time… How great it is sometimes among the many new and modern books, to find a little forgotten but not lost its relevance publications of 1980. Perhaps this Family Christmas Tree Book was one of your mom and dad’s favorite books?


christmas tree pdf free books

The Hedgehogs’ Christmas Tree

Christmas is not only a time for presents and tasty treats, it’s also a time for adventure! One Christmas Eve, hedgehog dad goes missing, and the hedgehog children go in search of him. On the way, they are in for a real adventure, and you’ll find out what kind of adventures they’ll have when you read this beautifully illustrated story. The 1982 edition.


The Nutcracker's Night Before Christmas pdf free

The Nutcracker’s Night before Christmas

Imagine that one day a production of the classic Christmas ballet The Nutcracker goes completely off script. Sick stagehands, cheating cats and falling Christmas trees, it seems a Christmas catastrophe is coming! Is there any way to save the situation ?  The whole text is easy to read, the rhymes are simple and clear. And the wonderful and slightly whimsical illustrations complement this wonderful Christmas story perfectly.

babies get scared of Santa book free pdf

The Message for Santa

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Emily. Emily just loved Christmas. She loved making Christmas decorations. She loved listening to Christmas stories on winter evenings by the fireplace. But there was something about this holiday that made her heart pound alarmingly, it was Santa Claus. So one day Emily decides to block the chimney to keep Santa out of the house on Christmas Day, but then how will she be able to get presents? Here’s an idea! Emily decides to write Santa a letter. And what was written in this message, you can find out by reading this amazing story about one very brave girl!


Christmas reading for kids pdf free

Grumpy Badger’s Christmas

This story took place in one amazing forest. One Christmas Day, all the forest dwellers were frantically preparing for the holiday and only the badger didn’t plan a celebration. He wanted to sleep sweetly in his warm hole all winter. But something kept going wrong. This wonderful story about Christmas and true friendship, illustrated with cozy winter pictures will definitely appeal to both kids and adults.


reading for kids free pdf

The Night Before Christmas

What makes this work unique is that prior to this work, first published in 1823, perceptions of Santa Claus were quite blurred. The Visit of St. Nicholas is the first to describe what Santa Claus looks like, how he moves on Christmas night (flying through the sky on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, the names of eight reindeer are also mentioned) and what actually happens when he visits the house with presents on Christmas Eve.

New Year books for kids free pdf

Slushy the Snowman & the Hot Chocolate Incident

Slushy the Snowman is a big dreamer, but his biggest dream in life is to sit by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate and marshmallows. But is that possible? Wouldn’t the snowman melt in front of a hot fire? After all, can’t snowmen eat Christmas cookies or drink hot chocolate and marshmallows?

Every winter, Slushy the snowman stands outside Santa’s cottage and peeks dreamily into the cozy warm living room. But Christmas is a time of real miracles, isn’t it ?


reading books for kids free pdf

A Wish to Be A Christmas Tree

This wonderfully kind story in verse tells about a pine tree that no one wanted to take into their home for Christmas. Because of this she was terribly sad and lonely. The forest dwellers became very sorry for the Christmas tree, and they decided to help her. And how, you’ll find out for yourself after reading this story! The book has delightful illustrations by artist Michael Monroe and charming text by Colleen Monroe.


reading books free pdf

The Luckiest Christmas Tree Ever

A poignant story about a very small pine tree that no one wanted to buy or even pick up for free to decorate on Christmas Eve. Will she really be left all alone ? ….


detective story for kids pdf free

Nate the Great and the crunchy Christmas

Heads up, heads up! A true detective story and holiday adventure awaits you. Kids will be able to solve problems with Nate, using logical thinking to solve real Christmas mysteries!


new year reading books for kids pdf free

Merry Christmas Samantha Reindeer

Ride with little Samantha Reindeer and her elf friend,Thomas, a they take to the skies. Samantha has discovered that a young girl might be very disappointed on Christmas day. The two little friends take action and prove that heroes can come in small packages.


Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 1964 pdf free book

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Just imagine, all the other reindeer laugh at Rudolph and won’t let him play his reindeer games because he’s different. How is that fair? But when Christmas is almost canceled because of a big snow storm, Rudolph comes to the rescue with his wonderful shiny red nose. And how he managed to save Christmas, you’ll find out for yourself when you read this amazing story!


Findus books free pdf

Findus at Christmas by Sven Nordqvist

It is the day before Christmas Eve and Pettson and his talking cat Eindus have lots to do, but disaster strikes when Pettson sprains his ankle.
How can they celebrate Christmas now – with no tree, ham, meatballs or gingerbread? For all their resourcefulness, Findus and Pettson are close to giving up, when suddenly there is a knock on the door… A wonderful tale of kindness and sharing, and how Christmas can bring out the best in people – and cats of course!

Sven Nordqvist is a well loved Swedish children’s illustrator and writer. His Findus and Pettson books have sold over 6 million copies worldwide and been translated into 44 languages.