How To Control Your Brain At Will

Over the last few years, a number of works of this kind have appeared, and my adding a stone to the edifice was above all a response to the needs of my patients; I also wished to enlighten people as to the cause of these nervous disorders, known under various names such as neurasthenia, psychoneurosis or psychasthenia; and finally to develop my personal point of view on the subject of treatment.

So it is above all the patients, suffering from these disorders, whom I am addressing, and that is why I tried, as much as possible, to simplify anything in this study which seemed too abstract. My primary objective is to show you, as best I can, why people get sick, and how they can be cured.

This training method, if I may be permitted to call it that, is based on the certainty that all psychasthenic disorders are caused by a malfunction in the brain, and that it is in the brain, and nowhere else, that we must look for solutions.

What causes the malfunction? What is it really? How can it be changed? These are the questions we will try to answer.

The title of this work gives you a good idea of its contents: by studying what is termed a patient’s patterns of ‘cerebral control’ we will be able to identify his or her particular dysfunction.

We consider a lack of cerebral control to be the psychological cause of these disorders. And it is by identifying this lack that we are able to determine the form and rationale of any effective treatment.

We realize that certain facts included here would, under other circumstances, merit more detailed explanation, but we must remind you that this ebook is simply meant to express, in terms which are as concrete as possible, the work we are doing.

As for the results we have obtained, I cite the cases of patients I have already treated, and call on my colleagues to patiently and sincerely attempt to apply to their own patients what I have been able to do with mine.

If patients who are suffering from what I term insufficient mental control, are able, through the simple explanations offered in this method, to find a direction, an indication, or even a hope of recovery, then I feel I will have achieved the goal I set for myself.




CHAPTER 1 – Cerebral Control
CHAPTER 2 – Psychoneurosis
CHAPTER 3 – Psychological Symptoms
CHAPTER 4 – Necessity for re-educating cerebral control
CHAPTER 5 – Treatment
CHAPTER 6 – Controlling actions
CHAPTER 7 – Controlling thoughts
CHAPTER 8 – Concentration
CHAPTER 9 – Elimination, de-concentration
CHAPTER 10 – Willpower
CHAPTER 11 – Psychological treatment
CHAPTER 12 – Insomnia
CHAPTER 13 – Treatment summary

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