Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most

Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most by Brian Tracy pdf

“The obstacles you face are mental barriers that can be broken by adopting a more positive approach”
                                                                                        —CLARENCE BLASIER

Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most by Brian Tracy pdfWelcome to Crunch Point. No matter who you are or what you are doing, every person and organization experiences problems, difficulties, unexpected reversals, and crises that knock you off balance and must be dealt with right away.

It is estimated that every business has a crisis every two to three months that, if not handled quickly and effectively, can threaten the very survival of the enterprise. And each person has a crisis—personal, financial, family, or health—every two or three months that can knock you off center as well.

But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It is only by facing the challenge of a crunch point that you demonstrate to yourself and others what you are really made of. As the Greek philosopher Epictetus once said, “Circumstances do not make the man; they merely reveal him to himself” (and to others as well).

Your crunch may come in the form of declining sales, reduced revenue, and low cash flow. You may lose a major customer or major sale. You can have unexpected costs or reversals where you lose your entire investment in some part of your business. People inside and outside of your company may turn out to be incompetent or dishonest. You may be lied to, or cheated and betrayed by your friends and colleagues. These sorts of things happen to everyone.

A crunch point may be triggered because a major customer goes broke without paying you, leaving you stranded financially. Your bank could cut off your line of credit. A major source of revenue from sales or borrowing could dry up. You could be unexpectedly and unfairly fired and find yourself out on the street. You could have personal problems with your family, finances, or health. In each case, you suddenly find yourself against the wall, in a crunch, with your financial or emotional success or survival in the balance.



Chapter 1: Stay Calm
Chapter 2: Be Confident in Your Abilities
Chapter 3: Dare to Go Forward
Chapter 4: Get the Facts
Chapter 5: Take Control
Chapter 6: Cut Your Losses
Chapter 7: Manage the Crisis
Chapter 8: Communicate Constantly
Chapter 9: Identify Your Constraints
Chapter 10: Unleash Your Creativity
Chapter 11: Focus on Key Result Areas
Chapter 12: Concentrate on Priorities
Chapter 13: Counterattack!
Chapter 14: Generate Cash Flow
Chapter 15: Care for Your Customers
Chapter 16: Close More Sales
Chapter 17: Keep Things Simple
Chapter 18: Conserve Your Energy
Chapter 19: Make Your Connection
Chapter 20: Character Is King
Chapter 21: Pull It All Together

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