Dynamic Memory by ROGER C. SCHANK

Dynamic MemoryA theory of reminding and learning in computers and people by ROGER C. SCHANK pdf 

One of the most frustrating and at the same time tantalizing things about working in Artificial Intelligence is that you are never done. It is even difficult after working for a long time on a book and finally completing it, to have a sense of accomplishment.

It is always clear that there are many problems with what one has written. It is often less clear just where those problems are. But, it is always certain that as the ideas proposed are worked into computer programs, only their bare bones will remain the same.

This volume constitutes the most comprehensive account ever published of what is known and hypothesized about human intelligence. Leading authorities review the theories and research findings in their own areas, place them in broader perspective, and point out both new directions for future work and blind alleys. An introductory chapter provides an integrative framework and a concluding chapter addresses metatheoretical issues raised by the chapters as a whole!

The substance of one’s idea is quite likely to continue to change as the experimentation points up the initial problems.

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