Essentials of Psychology

ESSENTIALS of PSYCHOLOGY by Douglas A. Bernstein and Peggy W. Nash – FOURTH EDITION pdf

 What is psychology, and how did it grow?

Psychology is the science that seeks to understand behavior and mental processes and to apply that understanding in the service of human welfare. So, although the ten people we have just described are engaged in many different kinds of work, they are all psychologists because they are all involved in studying, predicting, improving, or explaining some aspect of behavior and mental processes.

But even this wide variety of jobs fails to capture the full scope of psychologists’ interests. As a group, the world’s half-million psychologists are interested in all the behaviors and mental processes that make you who you are and make other people who they are in every culture around the world.


1 Introduction to the Science of Psychology
2 Biology and Behavior
3 Sensation and Perception
4 Consciousness
5 Learning
6 Memory
7 Thought, Language, and Intelligence
8 Motivation and Emotion
9 Human Development
10 Health, Stress, and Coping
11 Personality
12 Psychological Disorders
13 Treatment of Psychological Disorders
14 Social Psychology

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