How To Get Money For Anything – Fast!

Name something you want. It can be a weight-loss goal, a money goal, a sales quota, a new house, a relationship, etc. It’s entirely up to you. Since this book is about money, think about your money goals. How much more money are you seeking, anyway? A hundred dollars? Thousands? A million?

Now let me ask you a blunt question:

Why don’t you have it yet? Why don’t you have the thinner body, or more money, or whatever it is you said you wanted? Well?

Now let me tell you something shocking:

The fault isn’t with the economy, your parents, your spouse, your neighbors, your mayor, the president or anyone or anything outside of you.

There is only one answer to my question of, “Why don’t you have it yet?” And I’ll tell you what it is in a minute.

  • Have you ever wondered why so many people have so much trouble getting what they truly want?
  • Have you considered that there could be an easier way through life?
  • Have you ever felt that life was just too much of a struggle?

Most of us have, at one time or another, just felt that life was a royal pain. But the liberating truth is this—life doesn’t have to be that way. What’s the secret to making life a joy? What’s the secret to creating more money now? And what’s the answer to why you haven’t achieved your goals yet?

It’s in your own mind.

No, not in your thoughts. Not in your conscious mind. The roadblock is deeper. It‘s where you rarely look. It’s in your un-conscious. In short, if there is something you are trying to achieve—you name it—and you aren’t achieving it, chances are your unconscious holds some contradictory intentions for you. Said another way, you want something and it doesn’t.

If you are typical, you are constantly giving yourself contradictory instructions—like “I want to lose weight” and “I want that luscious piece of pie.” Notice anything odd about them?
Those statements are going in different directions. After years of such frustrating and contradictory messages, your unconscious gives up and starts to disregard what you consciously want.

In other words, you canceled out your own request. You said, “I want money,” but right after that you said (or thought), “I don’t deserve it” or “Money never comes to me” or some other similar limiting belief. As a result, you usually didn’t get what you said you wanted!

But I have good news for you.All that is about to end. You’re about to leam two simple three-step processes that will put an end to the mental self-sabotage that has been holding you back. Now you’ll finally be able to show your unconscious mind exactly how to let you achieve what you consciously want.

I said “simple,” but that doesn’t mean “easy.” It won’t happen automatically, just by holding these pages in your hand or thinking beautiful thoughts. There’s no magic or hocus-pocus. But there is a method. And it can be called magical.

You will have to read, understand, and use the ideas in this book. However, just think of all the time and energy you’ve already spent on activities that didn’t work. And now think of all the time and energy you’ll free up in the future by knowing how to work at maximum efficiency!

Relax. You’re about to leam how to make all your dreams come true—finally!

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Format: PDF
Pages: 226