How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The 5 Keys to Mindful Loving

Love is experienced differently by each of us, but for most of us 5 aspects of love stand out. We feel loved when we receive attention, acceptance, appreciation, and affection, and when we are allowed the freedom to live in accord with our own deepest needs and wishes. These “5” meet us in different guises throughout life’s journey. In childhood, we need these 5 to develop self-esteem and a healthy ego.


Is there a way to increase our capacity to give and receive these essential elements of love? This book discusses each of the five aspects and how they’ apply to childhood, relationships, and spiritual maturity. It also suggests practices that can help you in resolving childhood issues, in creating happier relationships, and in becoming more spiritually conscious and compassionate.

This book suggests a program for activating that abundant potential. Intimate love is enigmatic and demanding; many of us fear it while still craving it. Thus, it definitely requires an extensive manual. This book explores the tender and scary territories of our psyche and blazes a path through them. It is not too late or too long for any of us.

Author hopes this book will pose poignant questions like these and help you answer them:

  •  What will it take for me to find the happiness I always wanted?
  •  Will I feel loved the way I always wanted to be loved?
  •  What will it take for me to let go of the past?
  •  Will I learn to protect my own boundaries, insist that others honor them, and honor those of others?
  •  Will I ever let go of the need to control?
  •  Will I ever dare to love with all my heart?

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How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The 5 Keys to Mindful Loving by David Richo (1st ed.)

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