How To Create An Instantaneous Sexual Attraction in Any Woman You Meet!

One of the toughest realities we have to face as men is, that for the most of us, getting laid is a form of gambling, and the game is strongly rigged against us.

Think back to the last time you had a date. C’mon … it wasn’t that long ago, was it?

And that’s the bottom line … for too many of us, dealing with women is a matter of luck, meaning it is something which is out of our control.

But hold on a second. What if you could design your own “game of chance” where YOU get to set the rules?

What if you could play a poker game where you get to pick the cards you’re dealt, you get to see her hand before you bet, and you get to borrow money from her to bet against her?

You’d play that game 24 hours per day, that’s what.

This book is designed as a WORKBOOK, to be used as part of my entire Speed Seduction Home Study Course. This means two things:

1. It’s not designed to be passively read. You have to actively participate.
2. If you didn’t acquire it as part of the entire course, which includes about 12 hours of audio tapes, among other things, you should seriously consider doing it.

One thing more. This book is divided in two sections: theory and practical application. If you want to jump ahead to the practical application section, go ahead, feel free.

Just make sure that later you go back and get the theory stuff down; you should understand what you’re doing if you really want to get excellent at this stuff.

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How To Create An Instantaneous Sexual Attraction in Any Woman You Meet (PDF)