How to Start & Run a Business from Home

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How to Start & Run a Business from Home and How to turn your hobby or interest into a business by PAUL POWER (PDF)

Starting to your first business is a bit like driving a car without really knowing how. Dangerous stuff. Don’t be surprised when you end up driving off the road, writing off everything you own. Obviously it would make sense to learn how to drive first.

But learning how to drive is only the start of it. Next you have to master taking directions, then reading the road signs and so on, until at last you’re really ready to drive on your own. If you grasp the above concept, you’re off to a good start. No book, however comprehensive, can cover all eventualities.

But what author hopes that to provide in this book is a basic driving guide, together with rules of the road and a short map to get you on the highway to success. The rest is up to you. Whether you choose to ignore advices, or implement it in your own business, only you can decide. But at least you’re getting the chance to decide what’s right for you and your circumstances.

And you can be assured that the advice you’re taking is from someone travelling the same road as yourself. Even if you only read this Preface, and understand that the cardinal rule in any business is that you must make money, you’ll certainly at least have a raincoat to keep the rain off your back in the first few months.

Beware of ‘free advice’ and advice from business gurus whose only business is advising other business people.


  1. So You Want to Start Your Own Business?
  2. Great Business Ideas Start at Home
  3. What’s Involved in Starting Your Business
  4. Research: The Doorway to Success
  5. Sales: The Beating Heart of Your Business
  6. The Essentials of Shoestring Marketing
  7. Deciding Where to Sell From
  8. Your Business on the World Wide Web
  9. Traditional Retailing
  10. The Mechanics of Starting Your Business
  11. Ten Great Business You Can Run from Home

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