Learning to draw horses

Learning to draw horses tutorial step-by-step pdf

Year : 2004
Author: Lee Hammond
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 80
Language: Russian
Size: 23.5 mb

In this book, Lee Hammond shows you his special step-by-step method, which involves interpreting each object as a set of simple and easily drawn shapes that fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The author covers both the most general issues of the horse’s body structure and rather small but important details: eyes, nose, lips, hair, bangs, mane, tail, legs and hooves. You will learn the rules of applying tones and smoothing tonal transitions. The purpose of these operations is to reflect on a flat sheet of paper the three-dimensionality of the horse’s body parts, the individuality of each animal, its emotions and personal disposition in a realistic manner.

The figure of the horse is more easily identifiable than any other object in the world. It has inspired artists, architects, and designers throughout the history of art, and they have incorporated the “horse motif” into the foundations of their creations more often than any other. Among the earliest drawings now known to us, whose dates of creation are hidden in the depths of cave millennia, images of the horse prove; a constant and useful companion of man it became long before our era.

Graphic artists, painters and sculptors for many centuries included the figure of the horse in their works. Smooth contours, subtle, delicate, but at the same time very expressive features, characteristic details of appearance, graceful movements of this animal made it one of the most popular objects of fine art from the beginning of history to the present day.

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