Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs

LINDA GOODMAN’S SUN SIGNS : How to Really Know Your Husband, Wife Lover, Child, Boss Employee, Yourself Through Astrology pdf

LINDA GOODMAN’S SUN SIGNS : How to Really Know Your Husband, Wife Lover, Child, Boss Employee, Yourself Through Astrology  pdfHOW TO UNDERSTAND SUN SIGNS

“A tale begun in other days, When summer suns were glowing- A simple chime, that served to time The rhythm of our rowing-

Someday, you will doubtless want the complete details of your personal natal chart. Meanwhile, you can be sure that studying your Sun sign is an important first step. However, studying your Sun sign shouldn’t be confused with studying the predictions based on your Sun sign alone in magazines and newspapers. They may hit you with impressive accuracy more often than they miss, but they’re far from being infallible. Only a natal chart calculated for the exact hour and minute of your birth can be completely dependable in such a specialized area.

On the other hand, don’t believe the common accusation that these predictions are “just a bunch of general phrases that can be scrambled around to fit anybody.”

That’s equally untrue. The predictions (indications would be a better word) apply as they are printed, to the Taurus or Pisces or Virgo person individually. They don’t apply helter-skelter to any of the twelve Sun signs. They are written by competent professionals and based on mathematical calculations of the aspects formed between your natal Sun and the planets moving overhead, and they give you a fair degree of accuracy, as far as they go. The fact that they’re not based on the exact degree of your natal Sun, nor on the additional aspects from the other eight planets in your natal chart, plus your natal Moon, is what creates the flaw. Still, they can be interesting and helpful, if allowances are made for the discrepancies.

The Sun is the most powerful of all the stellar bodies. It colors the personality so strongly that an amazingly accurate picture can be given of the individual who was born when it was exercising its power through the known and predictable influences of a certain astrological sign. These electro-magnetic vibrations (for want of a better term in’ the present stage of research) will continue to stamp that person with the characteristics of his Sun sign as he goes through life. The Sun isn’t the only factor in analyzing human behavior and traits, but it’s easily the most important single consideration.

Some astrologers feel that a book about Sun signs is a generalization comparable to lumping together all the Polish, Irish, Chinese, Negro, Italian and Jewish people- or like lumping all butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, merchants or Indian chiefs. Though I respect their feelings, I can’t agree with them. True, Sun signs can be misleading if they’re used with the wrong attitude. But in the absence of a natal chart, they’re far ahead of any other known quick, reliable method of analyzing people and learning to understand human nature.

An individual’s Sun sign will be approximately eighty percent accurate, sometimes up to ninety percent. Isn’t that far better than zero knowledge? That extra ten or twenty percent, is, of course, most important and must be considered. But if you know a person’s Sun sign, you’re substantially better informed than those who know nothing about him at all. There are no pitfalls in applying Sun sign knowledge when it’s done with discretion. Just plant an imaginary policeman in your mind to keep warning you that you might be off by that ten or twenty percent, and you can use them with confidence.

What is a Sun sign? A particular zone of the zodiac- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.-in which the Sun was located at the moment you drew your first breath, an exact position taken from a set of tables called an ephemeris, calculated by astronomers. As pointed out in the note to the reader that precedes the Table of Contents, if you were born on the first or the last day of any Sun sign period, youll have to know your exact birth time and the longitude and latitude of your birth place to judge whether or not the Sun had changed signs by that hour. In other words, the dates which begin and end the Sun sign periods in this or any astrology book are approximate, and this is most important to remember.

These two days are called the cusps, and don’t let them confuse you. Some astrologers even give them” a longer period. But either way there’s been entirely too much stress laid on them for the layman. No matter what you’ve heard, if the Sun was in Gemini when you were bom, it was in Gemini, however near it may be to the cusp, and that’s that. The influences which may be impressed on your personality from the sign preceding or following Gemini will never blot out your Gemini characteristics enough to turn you into a Taurus or a Can-cerian. Nothing can dim the brilliance of the Sun, while it’s actually in a sign, and the variations you get from being bom on a cusp are never strong enough to substantially alter your basic Sun sign personality.

The important thing is to establish through your birth hour that you were definitely born within the cusps. Make a small allowance for them, and then forget it.”

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