Love and Will by Rollo May (1969)

Love and Will by Rollo May

Some readers will wonder at the juxtaposition of love and will in the title of this ebook. Rollo May believed that love and will are interdependent and belong together. Both are conjunctive processes of being—a reaching out to influence others, molding, forming, creating the consciousness of the other.

But this is only possible, in an inner sense, if one opens oneself at the same time to the influence of the other. And will without love becomes manipulation—of which the age just preceding the First World War is replete with examples. Love without will in our own day becomes sentimental and experimental.

My own conviction has always been to seek the inner reality, with the belief that the fruits of future values will be able to grow only after they are sown by the values of our history. In this transitional twentieth century, when the full results of our bankruptcy of inner values is brought home to us, I believe it is especially important that we seek the source of love and will.


  • ONE: Introduction: Our Schizoid World
  • TWO: Paradoxes of Sex and Love
  • THREE: Eros in Conflict with Sex
  • FOUR: Love and Death
  • FIVE: Love and the Daimonic
  • SIX: The Daimonic in Dialogue
  • SEVEN: The Will in Crisis
  • EIGHT: Wish and Will
  • NINE: Intentionally
  • TEN: Intentionality in Therapy
  • ELEVEN: The Relation of Love and Will
  • TWELVE: The Meaning of Care
  • THIRTEEN: Communion of Consciousness

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