Love and Will by Rollo May

Love and Will (pdf) by Rollo May

Some readers will wonder at the juxtaposition of love and will in the title of this ebook. I have long believed that love and will are interdependent and belong together. Both are conjunctive processes of being—a reaching out to influence others, molding, forming, creating the consciousness of the other. But this is only possible, in an inner sense, if one opens oneself at the same time to the influence of the other. And will without love becomes manipulation—of which the age just preceding the First World War is replete with examples. Love without will in our own day becomes sentimental and experimental.

I take the author’s usual pride, as well as responsibility, for the ideas in this book. But in the eight years it was in process of being written a number of friends read and discussed chapters with me. I want to thank them: Jerome Bruner, Doris Cole, Robert Lifton, Gardner Murphy, Elinor Roberts, Ernest Schachtel, and the late Paul Tillich. Jessica Ryan has given the intuitive understanding combined with practical suggestions that an author always feels he requires more than gratitude.

During the long summers in New Hampshire when this book was being written I would often get up early in the morning and go out on my patio where the valley, stretching off to the mountain ranges in the north and east, was silver with predawn mist. The birds, eloquent voices in an otherwise silent world, had already begun their hallelujah chorus to welcome in the new day. The song sparrow sings with an enthusiasm which rocks him almost off his perch atop the apple tree, and the goldfinch chimes in with his obligato. The thrush in the woods is so full of song he can’t contain himself.

The woodpecker beats on the hollow beech tree. The loons over on the lake erupt with their plaintive and tormented daemonic, to save the whole thing from being too sweet. Then the sun comes up over the mountain range revealing an incredibly green New Hampshire overflowing through the whole long valley with a richness that is almost too abundant. The trees seem to have grown several inches overnight, and the meadow is bursting with a million brown-eved Susans.

I feel again the everlasting going and coming, the eternal return, the growing and mating and dying and growing again. And I know that human beings are part of this eternal going and returning, part of its sadness as well as its song. But man, the seeker, is called by his consciousness to transcend the eternal return. I am no different from anyone else—except in the choice of areas for the quest.

My own conviction has always been to seek the inner reality, with the belief that the fruits of future values will be able to grow only after they are sown by the values of our history. In this transitional twentieth century, when the full results of our bankruptcy of inner values is brought home to us, I believe it is especially important that we seek the source of love and will.
Rollo May


ONE: Introduction: Our Schizoid World

  • Problems as Prophetic
  • The Artist and the Neurotic
  • The Neurotic as Predictive
  • The Emergence of Apathy

Part I: LOVE

TWO: Paradoxes of Sex and Love

  • Sexual Wilderness
  • Salvation Through Technique
  • The New Puritanism
  • Freud and Puritanism
  • Motives of the Problem
  • The Revolt Against Sex

THREE: Eros in Conflict with Sex

  • The Return of Repressed Eros What Is Eros?
  • Eros in Plato Freud and Eros
  • The Union of Eros: A Case Study
  • Eros Sickening

FOUR: Love and Death

  • Love As the Intimation of Mortality
  • Death and the Obsession with Sex
  • The Tragic Sense in Love
  • The Tragic and Separation
  • Contraceptives and the Tragic

FIVE: Love and the Daimonic

  • Defining the Daimonic
  • Objections to the Term
  • The Daimonic in Primitive Psychotherapy
  • Some Historical Soundings
  • Love and the Diamonic

SIX: The Daimonic in Dialogue

  • Dialogue and Integration
  • Stages of the Daimonic
  • The Daimonic and the Anonymous
  • The Daimonic and Knowledge
  • Naming the Daimonic
  • Naming of the Daimonic in Therapy


SEVEN: The Will in Crisis

  • Undermining of Personal Responsibility
  • Contradiction in Will
  • The Case of John
  • Will in Psychoanalysis
  • Illusion and Will

EIGHT: Wish and Will

  • The Demise of Will Power
  • Freud’s Anti-Will System
  • The Wish
  • Illness As the Inability to Wish
  • Lack of Capacity to Wish
  • William James and Will

NINE: Intentionally

  • The Roots oflntentionality
  • Examples from Psychoanalysis
  • Perception and Intentionality
  • The Body and Intentionality
  • Will and Intentionality

TEN: Intentionality in Therapy

  • Case of Preston
  • Stages in Therapy
  • From Wish to Will
  • Wish and Will to Decision
  • Human Freedom


ELEVEN: The Relation of Love and Will

  • Love and Will Blocking Each Other
  • Impotence As an Example
  • Imagination and Time
  • Union of Love and Will

TWELVE: The Meaning of Care

  • Care in Love and Will
  • The Mythos of Care
  • Care in Our Day

THIRTEEN: Communion of Consciousness

  • Love as Personal
  • Aspects of the Love Act
  • Creating of Consciousness
  • Love, Will, and the Forms of Society

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