Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals

Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals (pdf) by Jeffrey L. Helms and Daniel T. RogersMajoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals (pdf) by Jeffrey L. Helms and Daniel T. Rogers

This ebook grew out of our experience teaching and working with psychology students on issues related to academic and career success. Whether in the classroom of our Careers in Psychology course that addresses these topics, or in the midst of advising a student, we have developed a deep appreciation for how simultaneously exciting and overwhelming the process of pursuing academic and career goals can be.

Students are passionate about discovering the options available to them and identifying their unique goals. Instructors relish the opportunity to guide students through this process and watch them succeed. However, students and instructors alike can at times feel lost given the range of complex issues involved in academic and career development.

In fact, some of the most helpful information, strategies, and resources for meeting these goals go unused simply because students or their instructors are unaware of their existence. Our appreciation for this mixed experience from both the student’s and instructor’s perspectives led us to write this ebook.

This ebook provides students interested in psychology, and the instructors who work with them, with information that is vital to academic and career success in the field. As such, the book is an ideal text for courses that address aspects of majoring in psychology (e.g., academic strategies, career and graduate school preparation) and/or aspects of career planning (e.g., learning about the careers of psychologists in various subfields and their education and training).

Students who are seeking to clarify their academic and career goals and develop knowledge and skills to support achieving these goals will find the book most helpful.

There are other texts available that concentrate on one or two of the areas covered in this book, such as selecting a career, navigating your academic path, or preparing for graduate school. Many of these texts are excellent resources, and we encourage students and instructors to examine them according to interest and need.

However, our goal was to bring these and other related topics together in one place. In doing so, we compile sound, research-based information and strategies on succeeding as a psychology major and communicate them in an interesting and compelling way.

We hope that the book answers questions about the major and its career paths while supporting the pursuit of academic and career goals.

This ebook is divided into two sections. Part I concentrates on student success in achieving general educational and career goals. In this section we examine such issues as the utility of a psychology degree, strategies for academic success, career decision making, and employment and graduate school preparation. In addition to content, the chapters offer suggested exercises, readings, and resources to enhance understanding of the issues at hand.

Part II of the book concentrates on student success in achieving specific educational and career goals. In this section we examine the various career options within psychology and issues related to these careers. Each chapter addresses a major area within psychology and provides valuable information about the focus, training, and work of individuals with careers in these areas. The chapters also include information about relevant career options at both the graduate and bachelor’s levels. In addition to suggested exercises, readings, and resources, each chapter offers a glimpse into the careers and perspectives of two nationally recognized psychologists working in their respective subfield.

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