Martha Beck: Finding Your Own North Star

In this book Author offers a service called “life design.” It isn’t therapy, and It isn’t career counseling. Life design is the process of helping people find what Dante called “la verace via, ” the true path. Not that there’s only one true path, you understand.

There are as many paths as there are people, and the only one I can chart is my own. I have no idea, for example, where your true path may lie. But you do.

Martha Beck  is a coach who can help you recognize your true path, find your way back to it, and stay on course. After reading thousands of helpful books, getting lost in my own Dark Wood of Error several million times, and helping hundreds of people create lives where their souls can thrive, she has developed concepts and tools for facilitating the process. This book contains the best advice she can give.

Though each person’s life path is different, the human journey, writ large, has some universal aspects. All cultures, in every geographic region and historical period, have idealized the qualities of truth, love, and joy.

When Dante went off looking for a situation where he could experience the ultimate realization of these qualities, he called the goal Paradise. You can call it Heaven, Nirvana, the Garden of Allah, Enlightenment, a condition resulting from high levels of serotonin in the brain, or Disneyland—do not really care, so long as we have some shorthand label for the ultimate manifestation of our potential for good and happiness.

Martha Beck thinks of this condition as the North Star.

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