MIND PENETRATION : The Ancient Art of Mental Mastery

MIND PENETRATION : The Ancient Art of Mental MasteryMIND PENETRATION : The Ancient Art of Mental Mastery by DR. HAHA LUNG 

Mind control and manipulation, brainwashing—enquiring minds just can’t seem to get enough. Nor should they. The Black Science (as such mental machinations and underhanded maneuverings are collectively known) is an ever-expanding, always evolving field … a battlefield! A battlefield where we are all combatants, whether we like it or not.

Every day we sally forth unsuspecting, like babes into the woods, sheep to the slaughter, out into a world of potential “land mines” and “booby-traps,” where ruthless enemies to our will and wallet lurk behind every seemingly innocent playbill and billboard, all designed to seize a hold on our attention—both consciously and, better yet, subconsciously.

“Prudent men are wont to say—and this not rashly or without good ground—that he who would foresee what has to be. should reflect on what has been, for everything that happens in the world at any time has a genuine resemblance to what happened in ancient times. This is due to the fact that the agents who bring such things about are men, and men have, and always have had, the same passions, whence it necessarily comes about that the same effects are produced. ”
—Machiavelli, Discourses

And once they’ve fixed their grip, they then insidiously insinuate their twisting tentacles deeper, ever deeper into our minds— catering to our existing desires and fears and, where necessary’ or just when possible—fostering such fears and desires within us—uncomfortable and unruly emotional weaknesses they will then be more than happy to satiate … but always at a price.

This is the battlefield of every’day life, where words are weapons, unchecked emotions are weaknesses for a wily foe to exploit, and where the shields of rationalization, repression, and regret we hastily throw up to protect ourselves from mental domination and ego devastation are almost always too little, too late.

Then there’s that other kind of field . . . the farmer’s field, where the rule of nature—especially human nature—is: You reap what you sow. Call it karma, kismet, fate, or just the “big payback”; sooner or later the chickens come home to roost. Shit happens.
But while the farmer all too often finds his future in the merciless talons of raven Fate, that is not to say he is a victim—never that!

No, the wise farmer trusts if he puts a kernel of corn into the soil, beans will not sprout instead. Likewise he knows that any seeds planted on purpose today (always in ground prepared beforehand, by the way)—in the hopes of reaping a better tomorrow—must be diligently nurtured, with an ever-vigilant eye to safeguarding our all-too-susceptible seedlings against sundry’ pests, vermin, and perennial thieves, until the time is ripe for harvesting—for reaping what we have sown.

Battlefield master Miyamoto Musashi encouraged us to “learn the ways of all professions.”
A renowned warrior admonishing us to study the way of the farmer? That’s because Musashi realized that in so many ways the killing field of the warrior is not that far removed from the tilling field of the farmer.

Like the farmer, the warrior must pick his field carefully. He must know the lay of the land—how the cooling water flows down the valley, how the hot wind whips across the flatlands. He must prepare beforehand for his time spent living—and dying—in his field. And he must study the signs—all around him—to determine the best time to beat his plowshare into a sword, even as his farming cousin knows when to beat his sword into a plowshare.

As with the farmer, so with the warrior. There is little room for error. Nature seldom gives out second-place prizes. If the warrior tends to his field diligently, then, like the farmer, he will truly reap what he has sown.

In this way one achieves respect, perhaps even glory, and is acclaimed by his fellows to be “outstanding in his field.”

But what if you are merely… out there, standing, in your field? Then just as surely the winds and the floods and the crows—both human and sky-born—will come to rape and pillage your field.
And in the end, because you failed to prepare your field beforehand, failed to study the signs, failed to strike when the time for harvesting victory was upon you, in the end, you win a third kind of field….

Potter’s Field … where they bury the lax, the lost, and the losers.

Black Science: Generic use, any strategy, tactic, or technique used to undermine a person’s ability to reason and respond for themselves.

The term was first coined in recognition of the contribution of Dr. С. B. Black to the field of Aberrant Anthropology.

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