Monsters & Magical Sticks

Monsters & Magical Sticks:  There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis? by Steven Heller, Ph.D. & Terry Lee Steele

Once upon a time, in a far off land, there was a man known as the ‘Weaver of Fabrics.” People would come to the weaver with their yarns of many colors—yarns they had collected for many, many years. And the weaver would help each person leant how to weave the yarns into beautiful tapestries, each with a unique pattern to he used in many different ways.

Steve Heller, together with the help of his dear friend and colleague Terry Steele, has provided readers writh a dynamic and brilliant entrance into a magical world within each of us—a world where it is believed our true abilities, inner learnings, and healing resources reside. Through the use of humor, metaphor, and enlightening case examples, Heller takes us far beyond the conscious world of what we “think” and “perceive” reality to be, and stretches our minds into the dimension known as the unconscious. His original, and often provocative, theories and approaches help shed new light on the classic question confronting many of us: “Why can’t I overcome my problem when I’m so competent in other areas of my life? Why am I continually stuck in this area?”

Heller’s views take us into a powerful realm within the unconscious mind that not only perpetuates the problems, but also contains solutions. It is here that Heller offers the field of psychotherapy a major contribution: his conceptualization of the “unconscious/out-of-conscious” sensory system finally provides clinicians with a tangible and precise means of working writh the elusive and problematic aspects of unconscious functioning. By creatively evoking, assessing, and utilizing the language of our sensory systems, Heller is able to identify the out-of-conscious sensory system that is generating the system, pain, or unwanted behavior.

He then shows us how he playfully and hypnotically helps clients enter into their own out-of-conscious sensory systems to bring back into conscious awareness the innate resources of this pivotal area.

Table of Contents

Monsters & Magical Sticks

Foreword, by Drs. Joyce C. Mills & Richard J. Crowley Introduction, by Robert Anton Wilson Fore-Warned/Acknowledgements

  •  Into Hypnosis Lightly
  •  Meta 4 — Change — Life
  •  Everyday Hypnosis/Learning
  • Forget It
  • Belief Systems
  •  Systems Two
  •  GIGO
  •  Systems — So What?
  • Patterns
  • Left Meets Right Meets Left
  •  Reality …Really???
  •  Unconscious Versus Conscious
  •  Utilizing Utilization
  • Weighing Anchors
  •  Anchors Away
  •  Confessions Of A Hypnotist
  •  Ramblings

Epilogue, by Nicholas Tharcher
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Pages: 98