Organic Crafts: 75 Earth-Friendly Art Activities for Kids

75 Earth-Friendly Art Activities for Kids / Free Organic Craft Book

Organic Crafts walks children through the woods, along the beach, and into grassy meadows to explore our natural surroundings. Everything around us has artistic beauty and a functional purpose, and this book invites children to take a closer look at the elements of nature. By exploring tiny pieces of our earth, from forest to seashore, we can better understand how nature works, how it enhances our lives, and learn to appreciate its beauty.

Organic Crafts is your guide to having fun in the great outdoors, and you’ll learn new ways to look at nature by turning things that come from the earth into a work of art! The art you create will give you and your friends a chance to discover nature and learn ways to help care for our environment, too. The environment is all the things in nature, living and nonliving, that surround us—everything, including us—so it’s really important. Although art is fun to look at and make, art can also be functional. Functional means that it’s something that you can use, such as a vase, birdhouse, or a game.

Organic Crafts invites young children to explore fun ways to learn about, enjoy, and respect nature, and guides them in new ways to experience their surroundings. While doing the activities in this book, it is important to stress that each craft is a work of art and therefore, there is no right way to do each activity, and no two should be the same. After all, elementary exploration of the importance of our earth comes through artistic imagination. Most important. Organic Crafts teaches respect for our natural resources to encourage children to work (or play) to preserve our natural environment.

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